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Welcome to davidtalkingtechandaudio.com. Its where you’ll find links to my latest videos, podcasts and blogs, covering everything you’ll ever need to know about Apple tech

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iPhone & Gemini Nano - is that the future of AI on iPhone?

At this year’s WWDC we expect Apple to announce that they have finally thrown their hat in the AI ring. It’s been a long time, but AI is coming to iPhone & iOS soon.

It seems that Apple has not been secretly developing its own LLM, but instead is going to use Google’s Gemini Nano – which got me thinking…how will it look and behave? Will our iPhones soon behave like an Android? Will it just be a copy-and-paste situation?

In this video we sit down and chat over what the future will look like with AI on our iPhone – and what we want from it too.

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