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M4 iPad – a different way to work

more than one way to skin a cat… Intro The M4 iPad has come along and shaken things up a bit – for me at least and changed things for the better. It will never fully replace a Mac – but it sure gives me new options – and ones I’ve come to enjoy. When […]

iPad to Mac – making the big switch

iPad life has taken a grip on me Here is something I never thought I’d be saying, but I’m hardly touching my Macs these days! It’s been roughly 6 weeks since I started to use my M4 iPad Pro and it’s honestly delivered in virtually every area – overdelivered even. I remember going to Apple […]

iPad & Final Cut 2 – a cut above the rest

So the iPad has got more power than it needs – or has it? The iPad is probably the most divisive product that Apple makes. It’s a Marmite product – there is no middle ground. I’ve learned over the past few weeks of using and making content about the iPad that you either love it […]

Apple – WTF?

Watch That’s Failing! Apple – let’s chat I’m going to cover a couple of points in this story. I want to have a chat with you about a couple of things. Are you sitting comfortably? I’m not one to go after clicks and reads by using outrageous titles and ludicrous claims. Nope, I’d rather that […]

Apple taming the data-scraping demon

What a thoroughly grown-up approach There was a lot of speculation leading up to this week’s WWDC just how Apple would go about introducing the data demon that is Artificial Intelligence into the Apple ecosystem. The answer turned out to be ever so simple – they didn’t! We’d wondered for ages why Apple had taken […]

Intelligently Apple

Different but delivering… Entering into WWDC I wasn’t certain of what to expect, I mean much was promised. What we got wasn’t what I was expecting, but I think Apple has delivered and in a very Apple’esque way. They hit the ground running and didn’t stop to draw breath and as is becoming a habit […]

WWDC24 – better buckle up!

What to expect from Apple’s Developer Conference WWDC is only days away and I think one thing is for sure – it’s not going to be a quick event! It’s never known for its brevity – last year’s was over two hours long, but something tells me that this year, even with no hardware being […]

WWDC ’24 – don’t hold your breath

Are we expecting too much? WWDC is always a date for the diary for us Apple fans – and this year’s bun-fight is no exception. The week-long summer conference always receives a lot of attention in the weeks and months leading up to it, but this year the looming event seems to have caused even […]

M3 MacBook Air vs M4 iPad Pro

The fight is real! My M3 MacBook Air must be wondering what it’s done wrong! Apart from the times that called for the grunt of my workhorse – the M1 Max MacBook Pro I’d been reaching for the Air over the past few months. The battery goes on for what seems like forever, the 15-inch […]

Nano Texture & M4 iPad – no thank you

It was a chance worth taking… Nano texture was always a risky option, but as I was making a jump into the unknown with this being my first iPad Pro anyway, I figured it was worth taking a look at it. I’d heard of nano texture before – it was an option when I spec’d […]