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MacBook meets its match – 1 not to be missed

Apple silicon MacBooks come with pretty good I/O – but what if you EVEN want more? The days of MacBooks having next to no I/O and being anything but Pro are luckily behind us. But even with the great array of ports that our MacBook Pros come with there are always those times you want […]

The ways to keep iPhone GREAT

There are a few simple laws that need to be followed for that to happen I tried leaving iPhone but came running back. Is it perfect? No, but it is coming pretty bloody close. Then again, all of the top-tier phones are good – Samsung and Google are class acts and, oddly, need one another […]

15-inch MacBook Air making work fun

My new MacBook Air has given me a fresh lease of life! I bought this M3 15-inch MacBook Air much as I buy many of my other Macs. I knew I wanted to test out the M3 chip with 16 GB of memory, but outside of that, I wasn’t expecting too much from it. I […]

Apple TV – an overlooked gem

It sits there unnoticed yet in my home it’s quite the hero… WWDC is all about software – all the new OS are trotted out there, yet one consistently gets binned off. And as we get ready for this year’s developers conference, what are the chances that Apple tvOS and the TV app once again […]

Apple is my 1st choice

They are in the news a lot right now – and not always for the right reasons Once upon a time, Apple used to make the headlines for their products and latest releases, but sadly times have changed. Apple now seems to be in the news more for legal rancours than they do for their […]

Apple wins!

The rumour game is a big part of Apple’s playbook – but only if they are in control Apple and rumours go together like peanut butter & jelly. It comes with the territory. From Apple’s point of view, I’m sure they love that writers like myself spend days writing and talking about their next release. […]

iPhone 16 & AI

It’s coming, we know it’s coming, but what do we want from it? Like clockwork, we know we’ll be getting the iPhone 16 this September and although the phone itself may look much the same as the one sitting on my desk today – how it works and the iOS behind it stand to be […]

Mac – now there’s 1 for everyone

We need to take stock – this is a golden moment for Mac users The Mac is back! It never went anywhere I know, but for a time it floundered – let’s be honest. The butterfly keyboard was not exactly a shining moment for us Mac users to be proud of and the Jony Ive […]

WWDC 2024 – Apple’s AI event!

And we are told it’s going to be Absolutely Incredible! WWDC was formally announced by Apple yesterday – put the date in your diary as it promises to be a busy one. Whether it can replicate last year where the ‘one other thing’ turned out to be the Vision Pro or not remains to be […]

Living with 15-inch M3 MacBook Air

Two weeks in and loving it & it turns out Final Cut Pro was a hidden gem too Now I’ve had some time to spend with my M3 15-inch MacBook Air I couldn’t be happier with it – and my choices. And by proving that I have just left home to come to my studio […]