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M4 iPad Pro – my 1st weekend

This time last week I’d never used an iPad Pro – oh how things can change! If you read any of my stories last week then you’ll know my M4 iPad Pro arrived. It took me a few days, but over the weekend I made a proper effort to spend some time with it and […]

1st Day – M4 iPad Pro

Working on iPad – a new experience Today is the day I will finally go full iPad. It’s an odd gig this content creation lark. The first day I spent with the iPad which was now 48 hours ago, I barely got to use it. The day was spent taking B-roll shots of it and […]

iPad – just 1 more day…

The wait is very nearly over – I’ve only had to wait over a decade! I don’t know why, but I’ve never owned an iPad – well, at least not an iPad Pro. I did have one of the original tablets from 2010 and have a 7 or 8-year-old iPad mini that I never use. […]

iPad and AI becoming a reality – FINALLY with M4 Apple silicon!

iPad was given a new lease of life last week – and two pro apps show it off Last week’s Let Loose event was a showcase for iPad. We’d waited an eternity for new iPads – and much like buses, it all came at once. The stars of the Apple event last Tuesday were hardware […]

iPad with M4 – will it FINALLY take centre stage?

As the dust settles here are some more in-depth thoughts about the week’s events iPad has certainly made the headlines this week – and it deserved to. When Apple said Let Loose they really meant it – they were not taking any prisoners with this next step in the tablet’s life. Over the past few […]

iPad, Let Loose and 40 minutes of madness

In the blink of an eye it’s over – but boy it packed a punch Let Loose – was much anticipated but did it deliver? Oh boy, it did it ever! I predicted that it would be a trim and tidy event, and so it was. Let Loosedelivered the information without any faff, fat or fillers […]

Let Loose – is it just WWDC coming early?

I have a thought – bear with me… Let Loose – Apple’s first event of 2024 is a touch over 2024 hours away and soon we’ll find out exactly what Apple meant by this being a ‘different’ kind of event. As ever there has been all kinds of speculation leading up to the event and […]

Is iPad coming to Apple’s Q3 rescue?

Apple yesterday announced their latest financial results and a shot in the arm is needed… The new iPad can’t come a moment too soon for Apple. That’s not me simply jotting down wild speculation – the figures are there in black & white for all to see in yesterday’s Q2 2024 Earnings Call. Don’t get […]

Apple silicon and AI to the rescue

Apple silicon Macs changed everything – but not all for the good When the first Apple silicon Macs landed it’s safe to say they changed everything in a heartbeat. They had endless amounts of power, were super efficient and were either fan-free or ran quiet as the proverbial church mouse. But, good as it was […]

iPad & AI – the perfect partners & a 1st for Apple

A lot hinges on Let Loose in a fortnight – Apple has high hopes! The iPad lineup hasn’t seen any changes since October 2022 which in tech terms is an eternity. Imagine just for a moment if the iPhone were not to be refreshed for nearly two years – there would be uproar! Now I […]