Mac and audio production – 2 perfect partners

Music is in Apple’s DNA – and their MacBooks prove it Macs and me go back a while – longer than I’d care to remember! When I first got into using a Mac as my daily machine there was never an idea that I would get into audio production – at that time it wasn’t […]

Safari – 1 more chance… it’s now or never?

We all use it daily – but I’ve been having problems Safari is one of those apps that I rarely pay any attention to. It’s just there – ever-present. Writing stories as I do most days about Macs or Apple gear, some things that seem to get other Apple users uptight, don’t bother me. Bezels […]

Mac & 5 great ways to arrange your day with it for FREE

Why buy anything when it’s all here for you… What if I told you there are 5 hidden gems on every Mac that will mean you’ll never miss anything ever again – and they are all free…has that got your interest? The Mac is at the centre of my day, every day and has been […]

Some home truths

Making money on YouTube is easy right? It’s almost an anniversary for me – come the 17th September it will have been two years since I published my first video on YouTube. It was a short diary piece from what I recall where I was just introducing myself. That video, although cringe-worthy was the start […]

iPad – why have I never loved you?

I’ve never really understood them! iPad remains an enigma to me – I just don’t get them. Macs I’ve had a few, iPhone more than I care to remember, HomePods, Apple Watch…you get the picture, I like my Apple gear sure enough, but for some reason, I just don’t get iPads. Lamb to the slaughter […]

LOVING Apple – but iPhone 15 not so much…

It’s nearly silly season, so why am I feeling oddly calm Apple is about to get busy – we know that for sure. Not only Apple but tech releases generally are about to ramp up into what has become known as Tech-tember or Tech-tober. The big two Apple & Google are gearing up for their […]

A day in the life

The week ahead – hmmm busier than I thought It’s the start of another new week and I thought it may be fun for you to know what goes on behind the Mac and the camera. I’ve just come through a horrifically busy 2 or 3-week period where everything just felt like it was all […]

Apple 2 go

Where ever I go Apple is with me Apple is omnipresent in my day. Even when I think I am free from tech, in reality, Apple is with me, watching over my shoulder – but in a good way., I spend too long for my own good sometimes in my studio writing and editing videos […]

MacBook Pro & Ulysses – a writer’s dream

A story of how this story gets from me to you… My MacBook Pro is central to my day – every day. OK, so it may be my phone that I look at first as I blearily open my eyes first thing in the morning, but it’s the MacBook that is my workhorse. Possibly just […]

Mac -my 1st love!

Following on from yesterday’s story of neglecting the obvious… Although technically the Mac wasn’t my first Apple device – that was an iPhone 4 – the Mac is the reason I am here today writing! If you’d told me back then that my affinity with Apple would have led me to spend my days writing […]