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Apple at auction, iPhone 15 latest, Happy Birthday Steve, and Apple TV’s latest hit

Appleviews – 24th February 2023

Apple's original iPhone up for auction

Well, that was a surprise!

Classic, Apple gear keeps being discovered, and readied for auction, and we’ll look at the latest items in just a moment…

As I sat down to write last week’s Appleviews, I had just been contacted by Dan Barbera, and Hartley Charlton, to appear on their MacRumors podcast!

To say I was surprised, was somewhat of an understatement. I’d had both of them on my podcast, Minus Sixteen, last year, so we already knew each other, which made the podcast so much easier. We recorded it yesterday (Thursday), as of writing, and it will be up today. A great experience, and hopefully, I’ll be back on with them soon.

Anyway, enough of all that, let’s get into the news – and it’s time to check the back of the sofa again…

The kids inheritance

Yet another lot of rare Apple items has this week been uncovered. RR Auction has an upcoming lot named ‘Steve Jobs and the Apple Computer Revolution’.

Possibly, the two items that are of most interest, are an original, factory sealed iPhone, and an Apple 1 computer.

There is some history that may help with a price guide, for the 8GB, original iPhone. Although RR, has a reserve of $20,000, one sold recently for £63,000, so there is no reason to think that this won’t fetch the same kind of money.

This phone belonged to an Apple employee, and the consignor notes states that he purchased this phone upon its release in 2007, but also received one through work as an Apple employee; this spare was therefore never opened.

The Apple 1 computer is an even rarer find. This computer is the most valuable item up for sale, and is signed by Steve Wozniack. Amazingly, this Byte Shop style computer, is fully operational, and comes with all the factory accessories. It’s expected to reach at least $500,000 when it goes under the hammer.

Happy birthday

Today would have been the birthday of Steve Jobs. Born 24th February 1955. Jobs, who passed away in 2011, would’ve been 68 today.

The Apple 1 computer, mentioned above, was where it all started for Apple, with Jobs & Wozniack founding the company on the back of tit. The Apple II was next, then the Lisa, and finally the Macintosh.

Jobs was ousted by the board at Apple in 1985, at which time he formed NeXT. Apple was never the same without the force of Jobs at the helm. In 1997, Apple bought NeXT, which also signalled the return of Jobs to the company.

It was during this era that Jobs, and Apple, were at their heights of their collective innovation, and inventiveness – iPhone, iPad, iMac, and the App Store all came to see the light of day at this time.

The genius of Jobs, who’s creations have touched, quite literally, millions, is still revered. Current Apple CEO, Tim Cook, says that Jobs’ “DNA, including his taste, thinking, dedication to hard work, and lust for innovation will always be “the foundation of Apple.

Happy Birthday, Steve Jobs – RIP.

iPhone 15 colours

With every release of iPhone, comes some new, unique colours. With the 14, there were two new shades of purple, and this year, it looks like red could be the new kid on the block.

9to5Mac have spoken with sources that are working on the project, who’ve told them the 15 Pro, and Pro Max will be available in a burgundy red colour (HEX code #410D0D).

The standard range of iPhones could also be spruced up with a brighter shade of the ubiquitous Product Red, along with some updated golds, silver & space grey options.

Bigger really is best

Apple retail hasn’t seen a new store open for over six months now. That was in New Jersey, and was Apple’s 273rd retail outlet.

Reports have started to circulate now that the company is about to throw open the doors to their largest ever store in the Miami World Centre. The precise location remains unclear, but, Miami Tech Life’s director, Ryan RC Rea, has learned from three different reliable sources that Apple is about to sign a lease for a Miami World Center location.

Other than this possible store in Miami, Apple is also about to open stores in India, and Malaysia as well, as their global expansion program continues at pace.

Well done you

Work practice has changed enormously.

In the past, working at one company for your entire career was not unheard of.

Nowadays, even a ten-year stretch is not common practice, but if you manage that milestone at Apple, it doesn’t go un-noticed. That said, it’s not what you’d call a lavish award that you’ll receive!

On your tenth anniversary with the company, you’ll get a hefty square hunk of aluminium with a huge stainless-steel Apple logo on it, a $19 Apple polishing cloth, and a note from Cook.

The note, bearing Cook’s signature at the bottom, that reads:

“Congratulations on reaching this milestone moment. The work you’ve done, the challenges you’ve met and the breakthroughs you’ve made possible — they all add up to a profound and lasting contribution to Apple’s mission to change the world for the better. On behalf of everyone at Apple, thank you for all you bring to our journey together.”

The block is made from the same 6000 series aluminium that’s used to make the company’s products, and comes engraved with the employee’s name.

It’s something, I guess!

Getting there

I wrote this week about the numerous patents that are currently surfacing that Apple is filing.

The big one, and one I discussed with Hartley & Dan yesterday, is the progress of non-invasive blood-glucose testing. The project, codenamed E5, is looking to measure how much glucose is in someone’s body without needing to prick the skin for blood.

Apple Watch is perfectly positioned to be an ideal diabetes monitor, as effective testing is best done over a sustained period. Although still years away from market, if Apple can manage to perfect the technique, it would guarantee them a place as a big player in the wearables, healthcare space.

Mark Gurman covered the story fully this week in an article on Wednesday – Apple Makes Major Progress on No-Prick Blood Glucose Tracking for Its Watch.

It’s nearly the weekend

As you know, Friday is release day for many new, weekly episodes on Apple TV. Some of my current favs, are the tear-jerking Dear Edward, Truth Be Known, and the frankly stunning Shrinking.

The latter, has caused quite the stir, as it’s one of the most popular shows on any streaming service. The Apple TV+ comedy starring Jason Segel and Harrison Ford is on the top 10 list for a third week in a row.

Although fairly new to the streaming world, Apple, as you’d imagine, are making their mark felt quickly. With hits such as Ted Lasso, Severance, and Black Bird already in the pocket, and a best movie Oscar for CODA, Apple seems in no hurry to slow down.

Reelgood, a movie & TV search engine, has Shrinking sitting at number 5, for all streaming networks for the week 9th-16th February, in the movie & TV category.

The creative force behind the hit series, are the same writers who created Ted Lasso.

The characters, plots, scripts, and production are just stunning! Harrison Ford shows a new comic timing to his already abundant talents, but the series wins, most, for it being a beautiful, ensemble production.

The main star, is actually Jason Segal, who plays a grieving, single dad. He is a trained therapist, and works alongside Ford, but the empathy and humour of his character are so touching.

Guess where I’ll be tonight, then?

Hoping you have an amazing weekend, and if you get a moment, don’t forget to check out the MacRumors podacst too.

I’ll be back Monday with more of the good stuff!!

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