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What to buy the Apple user for Christmas…who has EVERYTHING!

I’ve been a bad boy this year and bought too much Apple gear….but there are still gaps to be filled…

Apple Christmas Shopping

With Christmas only days away my thoughts last night started to wander – I began dreaming of adding to my Apple collection the devices that have so far eluded me.

Now I’ll be the first to admit I have bought a fair bit from Apple over the past 24 months – a 16-inch M1 Max MacBook Pro, M2 MacBook Air, M3 iMac, iPhone 15 Pro…you get the idea…but that doesn’t mean that there is not some gear out there on Apple’s shelves that I’d love to get my paws on.

So today by way of a little bit of Christmas high jinx I thought I’d compile my Apple Christmas wish list which I may well just pin up on the mantlepiece here at home in case any go my family is looking for some last-minute inspiration – well, you never know your luck right!

And just to be clear this is a money no object or I’ve just won the lottery list…but fun nonetheless…

Displaying Apple

You’ll probably know from recent stories and videos that I’m just a little bit of a fan of my Studio Display.

I sit in front of it day after day, hour after hour and it just makes my day that bit better, brighter or both! A quality display is integral to my workflow. Eye strain can be a real issue with the kind of intensive work I do, a high-quality display is a must.

Whenever I mention the Studio Display the price of it always gets thrown back at me – but I have now got to the point of shrugging my shoulders. Sometimes the cost falls by the wayside and is replaced by value or quality of life. I spend too many hours working in front of this display as it is, so if I am stuck here anyway I may as well have the best panel to work on is my reasoning. And to that point…

When the lottery cheque lands on the doormat the first item in my Christmas trolley will be the Studio Display XDR. I’ve never owned one but had a little play on one this year at an Apple Store in London. Boy – if I thought my display was good, this 32-inch beast is on another level.

1600 nits of glorious brightness, a super-wide viewing angle and stunning contrast – working on this 6K 32-inch panel would be a dream. In my mind, I could excuse the £6500 (including nano texture glass and the Pro Stand obviously – I mean it would be rude not to right) as a legit work expense!

I’ve mentioned how pretty I find the Studio Display that I work on – the XDR Display is like mine but on steroids! Angular, butch, meaningful and that drilled out back is just amazing.

So the dream list is off to a start then…where can I spend my money next…?

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Time for an iPad

In my practical mind, I have never understood the need for an iPad in my lineup.

I work primarily on my MacBook Pro and Studio Display. The MacBook is portable and I also have an M2 MacBook Air as well. All this means that if I have to work on the hoof then either of these Macs suits my needs.

Again if I find I want to write from the sofa one day I can reach for the Air and quite happily be creative and productive there just as easily as at the desk. The crucial thing though is both are Macs – both are running macOS and have desktops!

I love the desktop lifestyle – drag and drop, creating temporary folders, the downloads folder, the fully functioning dock – all of these bits I think I’d miss if switched to working from an iPad. But as I’ve just won the lottery it’s time to change things up a bit.

I’m not gonna mess about here – if I’m going to try working on an iPad then it’s gonna be the best I can spec.

I think a 12.9-inch iPad Pro with the Liquid Retina XDR display is a pretty good starting point. You can never have too much storage – so I’ll tick the 2 TB option and I’ll make it bulletproof with cell & wi-fi connectivity – that way I can work anywhere. Add on the pencil and the Smart Folio keyboard and that will set me back a mere £2977.

It all soon mounts up huh!

But with this iPad, I could teach myself Logic and Final Cut Pro and try to bring my entire workflow onto the iPad and work fully in the Apple ecosystem.

No time to waste

I was late to the party with Apple Watch. I finally got my first taste of what it was all about last year with the Apple Watch 8.

It didn’t get me right away – the Apple Watch seems to be more of a drip-drip approach. The more you use it, the more active you are and the more you bring it into your life and integrate it into your day, the more benefits you’ll derive from it.

From day one I wore mine through the night to try and amass as much data as possible and it’s starting to payback. This morning it noticed and commented on the fact I managed to get better more meaningful sleep last night – and I’ve found that to be one of the winners of wearing an Apple Watch. It gently encourages you – whether that’s to stand and take a break from the desk, or try to push you on and do just a bit more exercise.

And it’s because of Apple Watch that I got into using Apple Fitness as well. Without the months free trial that you get when buying the watch, I would never have dipped my toes into the Californian gyms. Okay – they may not replace a gym membership but it’s certainly a big step up from doing nothing.

I’ve slipped recently because of work and a fractured ankle – but I always used to break around 1 pm head out for a walk which I record on the watch and then head back for a 10-minute workout with one of the trainers at Apple Fitness.

So being a paid-up member of the Apple Watch gang means I’d naturally want to switch to the Watch Ultra. I mean come on, if money is no object who wouldn’t want the Rolls Royce of smartwatches on their wrist?

Again, I’ve looked at them in-store and they feel and look great. Of course, I am about as likely to become an extreme athlete as I am to become king – but that’s not the point, I just fancy it. The extra battery life would be handy to get away from the daily charging routine – and I happen to think the super-bright Retina display is stunning.

And pop goes another £800!

One more Mac

Can you ever have too many Macs in your arsenal?

I have three to hand right now but none as powerful as the Mac Pro running M2 Ultra Apple silicon. Would I ever touch the 60-core GPU or 32-core Neural engine? Probably not but I could say, at last, that I own a Mac Pro! I guess to future-proof the purchase I may as well make certain to never run out of memory or storage – so let’s go with 192 GB of memory & 8 TB of storage…and of course the wheels too.

Oh as I will have learned all about Final Cut & Logic on the iPad Pro, I will pre-install that software on the Mac Pro too – it’ll keep the workflow going.

And with that, we’ve just spent another £12,900 – luckily enough though I already have the display – I’ve sort of saved myself money!

From the sublime…

And back in the land of reality & normality…

As you know I love my Apple TV 4K. I have it hooked up to a single full-sized HomePod and one thing I’d love is a stereo pair of speakers. The audio output is pretty mighty from one HomePod but to get genuine stereo and the full benefit of Spatial Audio a second speaker would not go amiss! Maybe there is one thing on the Wishlist that I could afford then!

If you’ve been keeping a tally of the cost – had we into walked an Apple Store and bought this tidy lot, we would just have blown over £23,000! Well, we’ve won the lottery so it’s a mere drop in the ocean…

So if you are struggling for gift ideas for the Apple lover who has everything – now you have a few things to choose from. I imagine the recipient of any of these items would be pretty damned happy.

We can all dream right…what would be on your Apple Wishlist this Christmas?

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