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Apple – so what makes an event

With it looking unlikely that we are getting a spring event this year today I ask why

M3 MacBook Air in silver

With Apple over the past few weeks, it’s been a case of will they or won’t they – would they hold a spring event or not?

The first rumours we heard were that we would definitely be getting one. All the respected and trusted sources told us so. But then as the first few weeks of the year started to creep in, so did the doubt.

Now as we start to round out March, it’s pretty obvious that we won’t be getting an in-person event any time soon – probably nothing until WWDC in early June. But why – what makes Apple decide to hold an event or not and is there a surprise in store?

Apple’s history

The last spring event that Apple held was Peek Performance in March 2022.

At that event, we were given new iPhone 13 colours – Alpine Green was added to the regular iPhone and there was a new iPhone as well – the iPhone 13 SE.

We got an iPad Air update – it got a bump up to the M1 chip and the M1 Ultra was released which was promptly plonked into the all-new Mac Studio and to round the event out was an addition to Apple’s display lineup with the Studio Display.

The main carry-aways from that event were the Mac Studio and Studio Display combo – but did that constitute an event?

Not so scary

Last October – Halloween night to be exact we sat down to watch Apple’s Scary Fast event.

Being held in New York turned out to be one of the highlights as there was not that much to shout and dance about as the dust settled.

All we got were M3 MacBook Pros with the full family of M3 variants – M3, M3 Pro and M3 Max and an M3 iMac – that I am using to write this piece on right now!

So was that event worthy? I’m sure the main thing that we all remember that event for was the reveal at the end that the whole shebang was shot on iPhone! That is what we were talking about the next day…

Breaking the rules

The power of the press release came into play last January.

Within the first few weeks of the year, we were given the M2 Pro & Max 14-inch & 16-inch MacBook Pros, the new full-sized HomePod an M2 & M2 Pro Mac mini all delivered via press releases from Apple’s Newsroom.

It certainly caught everyone with their pants down – but the benefit is that Apple can get gear into our hands quickly and as importantly into stores as well.

This year they have followed the same trusted pattern – and if anything have ramped it up a little. So far the only hardware we’ve had is the M3 MacBook Airs released in both sizes – but if the rumours are to be believed there is a whole load of booty still to look forward to.

Word has it we are due a 12.9-inch iPad Air with M2 inside, a 13-inch M3 OLED iPad Pro with M3, a new Magic Keyboard and Apple Pencil and M3 Mac minis.

Whilst the pressroom has been super busy pumping out almost daily bulletins none of them have exactly set the world alight – Restore Fund with TSMC, new games in Apple Arcade and news about the Apple Vision Pro – see what I mean!

But what I can’t quite work out is what makes Apple decide whether or not to hold an event.

Pros and Cons

Apple gets plenty of column inches whether or not they hold live events. They’ve long been the master of publicity and they know precisely how to play us.

This year they seem to be toying with us. If all those devices I just mentioned do follow through then surely that would be enough for an event wouldn’t it?

There’s a whole heap more there than at Scary Fast.

I wonder

So with that in mind, I just wonder if something is afoot…

As it’s all been a bit quiet with the hardware releases this year do you think we may yet be in for a surprise?

We know about Apple’s super-cycle – it’s a real thing. Now as you know I’ve not been a power iPad Pro user but without exception, everyone that owns one says that the 2018 model was the beast – the benchmark.

That was 6 years ago and if the rumours are true then this is going to be a pretty major facelift for the iPad – a large 13-inch OLED panel, M3 Apple silicon a new Magic Keyboard and Apple Pencil.

SURELY that’s event worthy?

So all that has got me wondering if we may get an event after all? You have to admit that the evidence I’ve given you sure looks interesting right? I’m well aware that this story could be dead in the water in a few days – we may get an iPad press release on Monday for all I know!

Of interest is that the guys at Apple Battersea don’t know either. When I was up there last weekend I was telling them what was coming – they had no idea! Talking with my business manager there he told me that the sales guys don’t get to know until the morning of release which is crazy! After all, they will be the ones who will be public facing when the gear drops.

I’ve long said that Apple is the master of letting us know just enough. With the number of pretty weak press releases that have come out over the past few days, what’s the chance they have something juicy up their sleeves…rather than just a press release on Monday or Tuesday next week we get an invite!

Apple – always one step ahead and always leave us wanting more.

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