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Apple gently teasing us with 1 device at a time…

Our appetite for new gear is as insatiable as ever

New M3 15-inch MacBook Air

Apple is only weeks or possibly even days away from releasing a slew of new products – and they can’t come soon enough.

The other day as I was reading up on what is expected to be coming our way and it made me realise just how quickly the tech world and the Apple world in particular moves.

The Apple Vision Pro is only a month old and yet already it’s been resigned to the sidelines. That product signalled to me just how thirsty we are for new gear and yet quite how quickly we gobble it up and move on to the next best, greatest or newest thing.

It would be more than reasonable to think that a brand-new device like the Vision Pro – which is Apple’s first new category since the Apple Watch and is choc-full of ground-breaking innovative firsts that our minds should be blown – I mean if that doesn’t slow us down for just a moment, then what will?

It seems that even a glimpse into the future is not enough to satiate our tech-hungry lust for something new.

But is that hunger sustainable?

Apple silicon – a once-in-a-lifetime thing

Everything changed forever in November 2020 when Apple unleashed their own chip in the M1 MacBook Air.

The kind of advances that were made almost overnight was seismic. Ridiculous amounts of power and insane efficiency – Apple silicon single-handedly shifted our expectations of what we would come to expect from our laptops and desktops and suddenly accepted as the new norm.

Because of Apple silicon, any number of intensive heavy workflows could now be carried out anywhere – the idea of having to be plugged into a power socket at your desk was suddenly old news.

The improvement that M1 Apple silicon made to our lifestyle and work/life balance was unprecedented and will likely not be repeated for many many years – if ever. But even then we were not happy.

M1 was not enough M1 Max & M1 Ultra soon followed – it’s as if we could taste how good this new dawn was and like a greedy school child we wanted more and more…and we didn’t want to wait.

Our appetites had been whetted…

In the blink of an eye, we are already living with M3 Apple silicon. Among those new products that we are expecting in a few weeks, there will be two new M3 MacBook Airs, an M3 Mac mini and even an M3 iPad Pro – just think about that for a moment – an M3 iPad! That iPad will be quicker, more powerful and more competent than my 27-inch iMac.

If I switch to Logic and Final Cut I could in theory edit podcasts and videos anywhere – with just a tablet.

The iPhone malaise

With the current iPhone 15 Pro and Pro Max Apple made the switch to running them on A17 Pro chips.

Can I hand-on-heart tell you that my 15 Pro Max is noticeably quicker than my 14 Pro from the year before? No – in day-to-day use they both feel snappy and more than able to gobble up anything I need from my phone.

iOS 18 is rumoured to be packed with Apple’s first frontline assault on AI. It will be super interesting to see what Apple’s take on AI is – I’d assume, unlike Google and Samsung that Apple would largely carry out its AI tasks on-device.

If that guess is right then the A18 Pro chip that will be inside iPhone 16 Pro & Pro Max would then be tested properly for the first – this will have been in Apple’s playbook for years with everything leading to that moment.

But even then we moan – there is nothing new…it’s the same as last year…it looks no different. I know we don’t have the benefit of looking into the future but I reckon it’s fair to say that we have reached max smartphone – what more do we need from them?

We can leave home and use them to unlock our cars, hook them up to CarPlay, navigate for us and use Apple Pay to get through the day without the need to carry credit cards – oh it probably packs the best camera that you own too and it keeps you in contact with the world as well.

All that is in our pocket – but we still demand more.

Diminishing return

Apple has caused itself a spot of bother though – Apple silicon is too good.

Because of what I do I will buy next-gen Macs to test, review and write about – but I am not the normal Apple customer. I made some videos recently about my love of the iMac – and the amount of comments I received from people telling me they are still using iMacs that are 5, 6 or even 10 years old – and that situation will only get worse.

Apple silicon and the M series of chips are so performant that most people won’t need to change for years & years to come. So Apple has effectively created their own beast – the trick for them is to convince us of the need to change – after all Apple is in the business of making money.

So what’s the plan then – how will they keep the cash registers ticking over?

The hard sell

Apple is class-leading when it comes to marketing – it’s often said they make us want devices we never knew we wanted.

I stand guilty as charged on that front – assuming the OLED 13-inch iPad comes out in the next few days/weeks, I’ll be buying one even though for the longest time I never fancied one.

Somehow I’ve been nabbed – and that is the magic of Apple.

They also keep us on our toes releasing gear at odd and unpredictable times. Last January there was a raft of devices that none of us saw coming. That ad hoc method of release created headlines, content and a lot of attention – and it seems they’ve learned from that success story.

As of writing this piece, until yesterday we’d been promised a March event – but it now looks like rather than cramming everything into one day with only one bite at the publicity cherry they’ll now drop press releases with new products – just as they’ve done today…

While still writing this story Apple has just dropped the first of those releases – the 13-inch and 15-inch M3 MacBook Airs. If that is the opening gambit from Apple it’s fair to assume that all the other products we’ve been promised will be launched in the same way – a 2 pm GMT press release via Apple’s newsroom.

What Apple’s plans are only they know – will it be just one release a week for the next few weeks or will they take the blitz route as per last January and flood us with a week’s worth of press releases and new gear?

Final thoughts

On balance, the way that Apple seems to be going about product releases makes sense on all fronts.

I mentioned they know they have a mountain to climb in making us part with our cash but I’m certain they are more than up for the challenge.

But at some point we just need to slow down – we are living in possibly the best-ever era for Mac & Apple gear right now. There is a stunningly quick Mac available for everyone with prices starting at under £1000 and an iPad from under £400. And the thing is that a sub-£1000 Mac will be more than capable of video editing and heavy Photoshop sessions.

If the stunning innovation of the Vision Pro couldn’t slow us down for even a moment then it’s fair to say we are a hard bunch to satisfy!

With the press releases having now started, it looks as if I best get ready for an expensive week ahead – Apple is the Pied Piper and they’ll be leading me straight to their front door to buy my first iPad Pro – you know the one I didn’t know I needed.

Even so, let’s all try to appreciate just how lucky we are and revel in the products we already have – we are living the best Apple life right now if only we would stop and see it.

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