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Apple Watch 8 – NOW I get it!

I really didn’t know what to expect as an Apple Watch newbie!

Apple Watch 8
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All new

The Apple Watch 8 is my first-ever Apple Watch.

After yesterday’s revelation that I had not owned a Pro iPhone before this one, I don’t really sound too much of an Apple enthusiast, do I? Pinky promise, that’s not the case – but there have always been two bits of Apple gear that I have never been able to find an excuse to buy.

First up – the iPad. I am office/desk based, and as such, the iPad has never really seemed to be a device that would benefit me that much. Then, there was the Apple Watch. What’s the point of those, I had always pondered.

I’m a little old school, and enjoyed wearing chronograph type watches. There is a certain style and class to them – an old-fashioned elegance if you will. But clearly, I now realise that to make any comparison of those, to Apple Watch is erroneous.

In to the unknown

As I am now blogging daily, and making videos too, it is more crucial that I stay up to date with what Apple are releasing…if possible whilst not breaking the bank!

As a rule-of-thumb, I tend to buy devices that I know will benefit me every day. The iPhone 14 Pro and AirPods Pro 2, certainly tick that box. But, for the first time ever, this year, I was tempted by Apple Watch 8.

In honesty, about the only thing that an Apple Watch has in common with my old wristwatches, is that it sits on your wrist. I know, I know, hardly a revolutionary statement, but it’s worth making the point.

It’s coming up to that time of the year…you know, Christmas. Sorry to swear, but it could just be you are thinking of buying one of these as a gift for an older person in a few weeks time, never having owned one yourself.

If that’s the case, hopefully, by the end of today’s ramblings, you may be a little better versed as to the undoubted benefits of Apple Watch 8.


You’ll be glad to know, that if you are gifting one of these to a person of more senior years, the set-up procedure should prove ever so easy, for both you and them. It’s basically a case of long-pressing the long button next to the crown, to power it on. Then simply bring your iPhone close, and before you know it, the pairing is done.

First impressions

I am a pretty self-motivated person, and have no issues setting goals, but even for a person like me, Apple Watch 8 has been a fantastic prod in the arm.

The regular prompts from Apple Watch 8 to stand and move, stupid as it sounds, actually are useful. We all get too stuck in the groove of what we are doing, so to get that little nudge to move, is super handy.

And that is partly the beauty of Apple Watch 8 – it’s subtly looking out for you through the day. It’s almost like a therapist on your wrist. Look, I know I am late to the party with this blog, by about 7 years late, but the message in it remains.

I’m certain, I’m not alone in being fresh to the world of Apple Watch. Whilst all the current love is being thrown at the Watch Ultra, that really is overkill, for most. That watch, at it’s core, performs the same tasks, and even runs the same SiP 64-bit dual-core processor as Apple Watch 8.

I can’t help feeling that the attention over the Watch Ultra will soon fade. I’m in no way denying that it is probably one hell of a watch, but, the benefits are not that great that I could tell you, in good faith, to buy one.

Battery life

I kept hearing that the battery life on Apple Watch, was nothing to write home about, and actually, woeful. Well, I have to argue the point for Apple Watch 8 here.

I wear my Apple Watch 8 all day, and through the night. The following morning, there is still around 35% charge left, which means, I’m guessing, it could probably see me through to lunchtime. 36 hours on a single charge, sounds ok to me!

I mentioned I wear my Apple Watch 8 through the night. The reason for that is simple. From day one, I was keen to have the watch monitor my sleep. It actually does a pretty great job, too.

You check the data via the Health app on your iPhone. You can then produce weekly and monthly stats, to check your averages, and once again, Apple Watch 8 acts as a motivator, helping you to try to pay better attention to your sleep.

It will break down your sleep in to stages, so you can check on awake time, REM, Core, and Deep Sleep. It almost feels as if you are surreptitiously, looking in to data that you should not be privy to. Looking at how well you slept is weird, but interesting.

I now have sleep modes set on across my devices, and this was directly as a result of wearing Apple Watch 8 – and it is helping.

Checking on the old ticker

Apple Watch 8 is full of sensors, possibly more than you’ll ever need. From the new Crash Detection and Temperature Sensors, through to, Blood Oxygen, Apple Watch 8 has got your back.

As with all tech, some of what they give you, is merely them flexing, but other features are super useful. After opening the ECG app, for instance, you simply hold down the digital crown for 30 seconds, and it will give you an accurate reading of your Sinus Rhythm. Although emphasising that Apple Watch 8 will not detect a heart attack, it will warn you of any unusual cardio patterns. In turn, you can seek medical advice sooner, and possibly get ahead of the curve.

You can also check your heart rate accurately as well. Just imagine you are giving this watch as a gift to an elder parent, the peace of mind you’d have in knowing you are watching out for them…

I’m sure you are aware of the other health benefits that are part of the Apple Watch culture. Workout Goals, step counting and setting you the goal of closing those rings, all aid to just being more aware of your health.

Stupidly convenient

I almost feel a lazy fraud, for making a point of this, but the convenience of not having to check your phone for notifications is so lush! The notifications you receive, once again, feel more like prompts than the shrill call-to-action when you see them on your iPhone’s lock screen.

With Apple Watch 8, notifications feel more a suggestion. I actually find myself simply mentally acknowledging the receipt of a message, rather than feeling the desperate urge to act upon it immediately.

Wrapping up

Although, if I was pushed hard, I couldn’t honestly say that my Apple Watch 8 was indispensable, it is certainly one hell of a good addition to my life.

Everything about Apple Watch just seems to be toned down and somewhat more relaxed. Unlike the phone, which seems to bark at you, and demand attention, with Apple Watch, everything comes across more as a helpful suggestion.

I’ve had mine for just over a fortnight now, and I kept thinking, I’d make time to sit down and learn it better.

Truth is, that is not how it honestly works. You become accustomed to Apple Watch just by it simply being a part of your life. You learn to live with it, and the benefits that you want to derive from wearing it.

The gentle encouragement it offers all day, through to bedtime, just go to make for greater awareness of your mental & physical health. I’m now starting to really get the hang of Apple Watch – it makes you want to be a better you! And that can be no bad thing – right?

Oh…it also tells the time!

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