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Apple – WTF?

Watch That’s Failing!

Apple Intelligence

Apple – let’s chat

I’m going to cover a couple of points in this story. I want to have a chat with you about a couple of things.

Are you sitting comfortably?

I’m not one to go after clicks and reads by using outrageous titles and ludicrous claims. Nope, I’d rather that you see that I’ve written a story and know that you can start to read it knowing you can trust me. Having your trust is hugely important to me – so the first point I’m about to chat about isn’t me looking for cheap reads – this is something that happened to me last week.

Apple Watch woes

I’ve owned an Apple Watch Series 8 since it landed and have worn it every day and night for sleep tracking.

I was late coming to the Apple Watch party but since starting to wear it have become quite the fan. Look, I am no extreme athlete but it has helped me be more aware of getting my steps in and just generally moving through the day.

I’m not here trying to convince you of the need to buy a watch or how good they are – I’m pretty sure by now you’ll have tried one out for yourself. But last week something odd went on.

My routine with the watch has been the same since day one. I charge it to 100% every morning around 7 AM on a Belkin 3-in-1 wireless charging tree. I record a couple of outdoor walks with it and an Apple workout, but that’s about it – as I said, I’m far from pushing this watch.

As far as I’m aware, nothing has changed in my lifestyle or usage – but suddenly last week the battery just tanked on me.

Where it was getting through the day and a night’s sleep with ease last week by about 7 pm it was down to 15%! I made a short on YouTube about it and others have been experiencing the same issue.

A couple of suggestions have been offered up as potential solutions – a hard re-boot being one of them and the other that sometimes devices re-index which has a massive implication on battery life.

So, before moving on to the other thing I wanted to chat over with you, have you noticed anything odd with your watch or phone over the past week? I don’t want to start putting conspiracy theories out there – but if I was being cynical, a few months out from new devices coming our way I could be convinced into believing that Apple was up to something.

What do you reckon?

Apple saying thank you

So, Apple got caught napping over AI – that much is a given.

Whether it was because all their resources and focus were being taken up by the now defunct Apple Car project and getting the Vision Pro to market, who knows but they sure were complacent with recognising how quickly AI was about to consume the tech space.

Of course, we’ve just had WWDC a few weeks ago where Apple rolled out their answer – Apple Intelligence.

On the face of it, I like Apple’s approach. They have managed to square off the seemingly impossible by giving us AI on our devices whilst still maintaining some degree of privacy.

They have created this three-tier level of Apple Intelligence. The simplest requests will be carried out on device and the slightly more complex requests will sent to Apple servers and encrypted end-to-end to maintain total privacy.

But Apple had to think of a way to offer us the ability to data-scrape and get answers to the more obscure questions that we will have. As you know, they did that by partnering with OpenAI and using perhaps the best LLM out there – ChatGPT 4o.

It’s a neat workaround while Apple builds its version. But it’s the way they’ve gone about it that has made me chuckle. Apple was in a tight corner – but when you’re Apple there is always an answer!

OpenAI are the hot kids on the block now – they can do no wrong and everyone wants a part of them. Being in such a prime position they could have quite happily held Apple to ransom and charged them whatever they wanted. Think of a number, triple it and add a few zeroes – Apple needed an answer and OpenAI and Sam Altman held all the keys.

OpenAI knew that Apple could get ChatGPT in front of millions of users by having it built into iOS 18 – so OpenAI decided not to charge them a penny in exchange for all the new eyeballs that they would be getting.

And how did Apple repay them? Was it with cap in hand and a sack full of gratitude? Nope – the total opposite. If your request is going to be sent to ChatGPT you’re faced with endless splash screens of warning after warning.

Are you sure you need this request? Are you really sure? Are you absolutely positive? Honestly, they couldn’t make it less inviting if they tried. Apple doesn’t want you to go outside of their walled garden and is making it painfully clear that if you do stray, you are on your own – you are doing so at your risk.

Even when Apple is in trouble – it still comes out on top!

Only Apple!

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