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Apple’s no. 1 BIG event – has the sparkle gone?

It’s just 1 day to go, yet I feel oddly flat…

Apple's big events have lost their sparkle

With Apple’s iPhone event only a day away as I write this, normally I’d be buzzing with excitement – yet I am sitting here feeling strangely subdued, and over the weekend I tried to put my finger on why that may be.

Like it or loathe it, Apple is the master of promotion. Their PR team and creatives tease us with fantastic campaigns, ads and images that will make us drool and desire everything they talk about at the Wonderlust event tomorrow. I won’t be above it – hell no, I dare say I’ll want it all – they are damned good at what they do.

So with my obvious love for Apple, tech and gadgets, tomorrow ought to be a match made in heaven, and yet…

Of course, I’ll watch it and write about the event but that buzz I’m normally feeling at this stage just isn’t there.

Is it our fault?

Apple, almost more than any other brand has created a following among tech lovers like no other.

They almost don’t have to market themselves – there is such a thriving community out there doing it for them. And for some of these creators, it pays well enough for it to be their full-time gig.

The leaks and rumours start so far in advance with every little story being pulled apart and dissected that come the time of any Apple event, we pretty much know what we are getting. But that may just be part of the problem – the anticipation has gone.

We know so much about iPhone 15 at this point, that the chances of there being any big surprises tomorrow are next to none. The only chance of a surprise is if Apple springs another Dynamic Island on us. But as for the phone itself…we know almost down to the last button and millimetre what we will get – and that’s a shame.

It’s our thirst and quest for answers that has driven this corner of the tech community to grow so fast…and Apple must be smiling to themselves! Not only is their work being done for them, but despite what we think, they are still in complete control.

While the Gurmans and the Prossers of the world reveal these hidden nuggets and pearls of information, in honesty, it is still Apple that pulls the strings – they have been and always will be the puppet masters.

Nothing will ever convince me that Apple lets out precisely what they want us to know. They will subtly leak out the bits they don’t mind us knowing about for a very good reason – they are getting a ton of free advertising and column inches from it.

Most ‘normal’ companies have to plead, pay and hope to get new products reviewed – but not Apple. Our love of what they create and their legacy of innovative design means we crave anything we can learn about new Apple gear in advance of its release.

They truly are laughing all the way to the bank.

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Apple Vision Pro

The unveiling of the headset earlier this year proves my point that Apple leaks out what they want us to know.

None of the Apple experts got the name of the AR/VR headset right – not one and yet if you listened to them, they almost have a direct line to Tim! For months, possibly years, Apple pretty much locked down every detail about this device until event day. You think of the 1000s of people that must have been involved with Vision Pro over the years – and yet not a solitary leak.

Apple, as I said are the puppet masters – they are very, very good at this stuff.

With the iPhone of course, it is a little trickier for them to control the leaks as third parties get involved. With dummy units being sent out to case manufacturers in advance, leaks are inevitable – but you know what, I bet that is just fine by Apple too.

Despite minor changes, the iPhone is never going to radically change in design, at least on the outside, year to year. But, with these dummy units suddenly springing up on YouTube and Twitter, Apple’s promotion work, for what is still by far their biggest earner is being ramped up for them.

It’s a win-win situation for them.

Only half the story

But, all that said, I don’t think it’s all our fault. Sure, we helped create the beast, but my apathy can also possibly be placed partly at Apple’s door.

As we do know so much about the phone (and the event) we know that there will not be a lot to get excited about this year.

The big change I guess will be the USB-C port finally coming to iPhone, but I bet they will almost gloss over that one! We know that their hand was forced into the change, but cleverly, by making the switch now – almost a year earlier than needed, Apple can dress it up that they decided it was time to switch. Wait another year, and it would look as if their hand was forced.

Timing is everything.

Outside of the port though is there much to get excited about?

The new colours look pretty tame unless a pink iPhone floats your boat. The Pro models are getting a brushed titanium frame, an all-new Action Button and the super-fast 3-nanometer A17 Bionic chip – not that I have ever found this year’s A16 chip sluggish.

The cameras are being subtly improved throughout with all phones getting better, newer Sony sensors and the Pro Max (only) is getting the periscope zoom lens. All models will have an improved Wi-Fi 6E router and Dynamic Island will filter through to the two non-pro phones this year – as will the matt reverse glass.

Is that it then?

Apart from the new iPhone, we are expecting a new Watch Ultra possibly with a new colour body and a new Apple Watch Series 9 with an improvement to its processor – but does anyone get that excited about a new Apple Watch?

Oh, and we are getting new AirPods Pro too – well, I say new the AirPods bit will stay the same but the case will get a USB-C port for exactly the same reasons as I mentioned for the phone.

So I think it’s a combination of already knowing all this and the fact that there is not too much to get excited over that has led to my ambivalence. Where is the innovation? Where is the excitement? Reverse charging is still not a thing in Apple speak and super fast charging is something else we are still going to have to wait for.

What about some new AirPods Max to rev things up a bit with a new audio codec?

I love Apple gear – so maybe it is that love affair that just makes me want more from them and this event.

6pm tomorrow, I’ll be on the couch ready & waiting and oh boy, would I love to be proven wrong, but you know what, I have a horrible feeling that I won’t be.

Oh, and one last wish that could add some excitement back to Apple events is if they were live again. I admire how beautifully produced these events are from the transitions to the filming and editing – they are amazingly produced – but they are just a little too perfect! The fun is missing. I’d love to hear the live reaction from the audience to the new port – oh and the $200 price hike as well!

And one last point to prove how the free promotion has worked – 30 hours before the event, there are already over 2000 people with Apple’s YouTube feed open and waiting.

Geez – I’ve seen it all now…

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