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Apples March event – 6 NEW devices promised

The drought is nearly over – and there is plenty to look forward to…

Tim Cook will be onstage in March with 6 new Apple devices

For us Apple fans it’s been a very weird start to the year.

Of course, there have been plenty of headlines but they have all been about one thing – the Apple Vision Pro. Don’t get me wrong – I am as keen as mustard to get my hands on one when they finally arrive in the UK. I will be at the front of the queue to book my 30-minute demo.

It is a defining moment in Apple’s history and although there seem to be a few issues that need urgent attention – field of view, personas and Eyesight among them, Apple Vision Pro is a glimpse of the future.

But…as groundbreaking and amazing as this device is, it’s a niche product. It’s not for everyone and it was never meant to be either. Putting Apple Vision Pro to one side means we’ve had no new mainstay products from Apple since the Scary Fast event last October.

But finally, the wait for new gear is over. It looks almost certain that we are going to get a March event – and it promises to be packed. If the rumours are to be believed there will be SIX new products on display in a few weeks – and today I am going to run through them all to whet our appetites.

MacBook Air gets some love

At that Scary Fast event, Apple placed the M3 chip in the MacBook Pros only. The MacBook Air range was left untouched – well, that is about to be banged to rights.

Both the 13-inch and 15-inch MacBook Airs will be getting the upgrade to M3 Apple silicon. The entry models will have 256 GB SSDs and 8 GB of memory and they will likely have a binned 9-core GPU.

Prices will be unchanged with the 13-inch Air starting at £1149 and the 15-inch at £1399.

iPad Pro

I wrote earlier this week about the fact I think I am in the market for an iPad Pro for the first time – and it looks like the wait could be worth it! iPad Pro is about to get its biggest makeover since 2018.

Finally, MagSafe is coming to the iPad Pro lineup. There are renders online of a new glass back that will facilitate wireless charging. The chip will be swapped out to M3 with all the speed and efficiency benefits that brings – including M3’s party piece – better Ray Tracing & Metal Effects upscaling which will allow AAA games to run even better.

There will be even slimmer bezels and a larger display. The 11-inch model will remain unchanged but the 12.9-inch model will now have a 13-inch display – oh and the Pros will get OLED as well.

The other big and overdue change is that Apple will finally place the front-facing camera on the two Pro models in landscape orientation. These iPads will also be about 1mm slimmer thanks to the OLED display technology.

Prices are likely to go up though – from anywhere from £200-£500 meaning in the worst case scenarios that the base model 11-inch iPad would cost £1399 and the new 13-inch model £1749!

Apple Pencil Gen 3

Launched alongside the new iPad Pros will be Apple Pencil Gen 3 which will be exclusively for those iPads.

For the first time, an Apple Pencil will get Find My support – which kinda makes sense right?

For the artistic of you out there, there will be a new range of changeable magnetic tips which are supposed to give much more of a realistic feeling and offer more feedback and tactility.

Because of the change of position of the camera, a new charging system has been designed for the Apple Pencil Gen 3. It is said to also support use with the Apple Vision Pro.

With the changes being made expect it to cost a bit more – maybe around £150.

Magic Keyboard

When the Gen 1 Magic Keyboard came out it totally changed how the iPad felt and how it could be used. Well, that was a long time ago – 2020 to be precise but the changes coming to the Gen 2 keyboard should take it to the next level.

Recent patents have shown the new design will allow for the Apple Pencil 3 to be charged in the hinge of the Magic Keyboard which is not only a neat idea for charging but also for safer storage.

There will be higher elevation angles and more options to make the iPad experience more comfortable and a lay-flat clipboard angle which will make using it on a desk that much more practical.

The bottom part of the keyboard is going to be made from aluminium making it feel more premium. It will feature a larger trackpad and will now look almost identical to that of a MacBook.

MagSafe gets another bite of the cherry here too – the top of the case which will still be made from the same material as the current model to allow for passthrough wireless charging. There seems to be reason to think that we will also get reverse wireless charging meaning you could charge AirPods or your iPhone on the back of the Magic Keyboard.

I’ve not found any mention of price but with these new upgrades, it must be fair to think that there will be price increases. Currently, the 11.9-inch Magic Keyboard costs £319 and the 12.9-inch version £379. A good guess may be that there will be a £20 or £30 uplift on the Gen 3 Magic Keyboard.

iPad Air

Overall the changes to the iPad are fairly minor – except that a brand new model is coming.

The camera bump on the back will get a freshen-up and will now look more pill-shaped – more in keeping with how the iPhone 16 camera bump will look this fall.

Apple is keen to draw a line in the sand between the iPad Air and iPad Pro and as such the Air will only get the M2 chip and the camera will remain in the same position as the current model.

Remember I said a new model is coming…well in addition to the current 10.9-inch Air you’ll also have the choice of a larger 12.9 model.

Prices? Well, the 10.9-inch model will stay unchanged starting at £699 with the new 12.9-inch expected to come in at around £900.

Mac mini

At last, the Mac mini will be upgraded to M3 silicon.

There are no other changes to this other than dropping in the new chip – so configs and prices stay unchanged – with the entry model starting at £649.

Had the Mac mini been released in January as I’d hoped I’d have bought one but now I’m going to save my pennies for the iPad Pro.


General the March events seem to be held on Tuesdays – so if Apple sticks with that convention likely dates could be either the 12th or 26th March.

So do any of these goodies get your juices running? I think you already know where my money is going – what about you?

Will Apple’s March event be causing you to part with any cash? Let me know.

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