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Apple’s trade-in – a 1st for me

Anything to save a few quid…

Apple M3 MacBook Air at Apple Battersea

If all the promises come true and Apple does release the rumoured OLED iPad Pro in the next few days then it could turn out to be a pretty expensive month for me.

It now looks pretty certain that we won’t be getting an in-person event this spring – instead, Apple seem content to release new gear via their newsroom. Well, I say new gear, all we have actually had so far are the M3 13-inch & 15-inch MacBook Air – I’m writing this on my 15-inch Air and loving it!

Apart from the iPad Pro, we are still supposed to be getting a new iPad Air, a new Magic Keyboard, an Apple Pencil and an M3 Mac mini – so you see what I mean March could be costly for me.

It’s par for the course though – writing & making videos about Apple was never going to be a cheap road to tread – but equally, if I’m to be taken seriously then I need to get my hands on as much gear as I can to use and tell you about.

Trying to be different

When I started to get into this content creation lark I had no idea how the game worked. What you soon learn though is not everything is as it seems.

There are those lucky few high-end creators who get Apple’s latest gear sent to them under embargo – but those demo units are only on loan and have to be returned after the testing & review period is over.

What I didn’t get before dipping my toes in this pond though was that many creators play the returns game. They will buy the latest bit of kit make their content and then return it with the 14-day grace period that Apple gives.

For all we moan about some of Apple’s policies the 14-day returns policy still seems extremely generous to me. In essence, I guess it’s there to protect our consumer rights which is all well and good, but Apple must be well that it’s being abused yet they seem in no rush to tighten up on it.

Sure you could argue that they know that the age-old adage of all publicity is good publicity still holds true but from my point of view it’s a little disingenuous for creators to play that game.

How can you honestly get to know the ins and outs of a device in under two weeks? Sure, you’d get some clicks or some reads but the content would be fairly one-dimensional and flat – but I guess if that’s the game they are into then we should let them fill their boots right.

But coming into this arena I set my stalls out to be a little different and try my best to be honest. Having morals though turns out to be an expensive choice.

Apple’s helping hand

I hadn’t intended to buy this MacBook Air – but I decided last weekend to take a bird-in-the-hand approach.

As much as we’ve been promised the earth with all these product releases they aren’t with us – it’s all rumours. That’s what led me to make the trip to London last Saturday evening to buy the MBA – to make sure I could make on-point relevant content and give me views on the latest to come out of Cupertino.

But if we are to believe those rumours then I needed to spend carefully. Of course that all goes out of the window when you get in the store – I suddenly went from wanting a 13-inch Air to a 15-inch MacBook Air instead – the Apple marketing bug bit me again.

So I found myself wanting it all – to get my hands on this new MacBook Air but also have enough coffers left in the bank to be able to buy the iPad Pro if it does come out.

As it turned out there was light at the end of the tunnel – I would be able to have my cake and eat it too.

How? Apple Trade-In…

A little gem

Much along the lines of Apple’s refurbished store, this is one of those underused features that Apple offers.

In making content like this you end up with a helluva lot of equipment around you – more than you need and certainly more than you can use. It’s always handy to hold on to old devices for comparisons and b-roll in videos etc but there comes a point that practicalities kick in. Did I need two M series MacBook Airs? Of course not. And that’s what prompted me to click on the trade-in button.

I know I could sell old gear on eBay but it’s all a bit of a hassle and takes time. What appealed to me about this deal was that it was quick, simple and in my case instant.

If you like me until Saturday have never used Apple’s Trade-In option let me tell you it’s so simple to use and has no nasty little hidden back-end secrets or surprises.

All you need is the serial number from your old device and then answer about 3 or 4 condition-linked questions and that’s it – they offer you a price. It’s all done in a matter of moments.

I was trading in a 2022 M2 MacBook Air – 8 GB of unified memory and 512 GB of storage – it was in perfect condition as you’d expect from a geek like me – and they offered me £675 which I thought was reasonable enough. The few quid extra I could have got from selling it privately was more than offset by the hassle and time it would have taken – and even silly things like the spent waiting for their courier to arrive.

Nope – I was more than happy with the money so then there was one other decision to be made. Either I could buy online from Apple or go in-store – it’s the same offer but there are slight differences in their execution.

Online Apple sends you out some packaging. It’s then collected by their courier and delivered to them. Once they have received your device and checked it over they refund you the money. So you pay in full upfront and then have to wait a few weeks for the refund.

I called Apple support the day before and checked that trade-ins were also available in-store which they told me they were – the advisor I had was a bit woolly and didn’t leave me convinced that I would be able to but I could only go on his word.

Doing the deal

So I sauntered into Apple Battersea with my M2 MacBook all perfectly packed in its original box along with all the paperwork that came with it and the charger too.

They ran the same test and offered me the exact same price I got online – and that was it. The money was credited off the bill there and then – no waiting, no delay it was so simple and great for my cash flow. My Mac needed to be flattened which we did together in store and that was the last I saw of it.

The job was a good’un as they say…

What surprised me was that the fact it was still boxed etc made not a jot of difference – they didn’t even want the charger which was another small but handy win on the deal.

For some reason, I had in mind that these trade-in Macs were re-purposed for education or went to third-world countries – but I was wrong. They are simply recycled which on thinking about it makes sense – well kind of.

We know Apple is pretty serious about environmental issues but this Mac was spotless – not a scratch insight and the battery was hardly used. As much as it was great peace of mind for me to know my hard drive would be crushed and burnt – you’d think they’d have some sort of cut-off or yardstick. To trash a 2-year-old Mac seems a little extreme – particularly when you think of the energy used to recycle it – but dems dare da rules!

The new 15-inch MacBook Air I’m working on now is the first Apple product to be made with 50 per cent recycled content, including 100 per cent recycled aluminium in the enclosure, 100 per cent recycled rare earth elements in all magnets and, in another first for Apple – 100 per cent recycled copper in the main logic board – so what goes about comes about I guess.

Give it a go

I can’t recommend Apple’s trade-in option highly enough.

Easy, quick, transparent and trusted. There is no downside to it and I’ll certainly be using it again. If you’ve always skirted past it don’t – there are no hidden demons and it makes being an Apple user that tiny bit more affordable.

It’s a win-win for Apple – give it a go.

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