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AirPods Max – nearly perfect

I was sitting in the studio wearing these today and thought I should share my thoughts… AirPods Max has been on my studio desk for a little over a year now and I recently realised just how little I’d been using them – which is a crime! Not only is it a hideous waste of […]

AirPods Max – brilliant but 2 fixes could make them even better

The forgotten gem in Apple’s lineup Sounds familiar AirPods Max are brilliant – but often overlooked. Surprisingly they were originally released via a website refresh approaching three years ago. In that time there have been precious few changes made which leads me to think that a new pair must be on the horizon. – well […]

AirPods Max are now max in name only – are they 2nd class & overpriced?

Apple’s premium set of over-the-ear headphones seems to have been left out in the cold… Love ‘em AirPods Max are really ever so good but they are not loved. Because of the heavy price tag that has been associated with AirPods Max and to some degree the design too, AirPods Max have always been somewhat […]

6 reasons that prove the Apple ecosystem is great

We’ve all heard about the ecosystem – today it struck me how real it is I am as guilty as the next, for trotting out the trite phrase ‘the Apple ecosystem’. It trips off the tongue, when you are in my line of work, a tad too easily. We all know what is meant by […]

AirPods Pro 2 are coming – the best yet?

What can we expect from AirPods Pro 2? Do you recall those halcyon days when we used to get a free pair of headphones along with our new iPhones? Doesn’t seem that long ago, does it, but in truth, it is over five years now since we had headphones, free in the box. At the […]

AirPods Pro vs Beats Fit

I have just bought a pair of AirPods Pro. Have I made the right choice? For the past two years, I have used a pair of AirPods. I actually came by them when buying a MacBook Air for my daughter. They were free, as part of a university bundle. She already had a pair, so, […]

AirPods Pro – my 1st choice – they are THAT good!

Why am I loving my AirPods so much So, if you follow me at all on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/c/DavidLewistalkingtechandaudio, then you’ll know, that I am in to my headphones, rather too much it could be argued. Yet, still, I find myself reaching for my AirPods. These aren’t the AirPods Pro Max, they are not even the […]