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AirPods Max in 2024 – what’s next?

As much as I love them some areas could be improved…let’s get into it… AirPod Max is Apple’s premium audio device yet for three years now they’ve not been touched and are starting to show signs of ageing which is a shame. When you put AirPods Max on and use them they almost justify the […]

AirPods Pro 2 – the best yet!

I keep on being surprised just how good they are AirPods Pro are the kind of gadget that is hard to do justice to. They look so small and innocuous that it’s hard to believe they are as good as everyone keeps saying. When we get blinded by new iPhones, Macs or M3 Apple silicon […]

AirPods Pro 2 v. AirPods Max – a fair comparison?

Which pair of AirPods should you reach for, and when? Taking it seriously AirPods are a series business for Apple. In 2020, the AirPods division alone, in Apple’s empire, turned over $23.05 billion. That means it generated more revenue for Apple, than the combined incomes of Twitter, and Spotify. This year, with the re-introduction of […]

AirPod Pro II – 5 things I’d LOVE to see

If all the rumours are to be believed, then AirPod Pro are likely to be getting their first update later this year…and there are a few improvements I’m hoping to find… I already love them! It’s an odd juxtaposition, coming from an audio background, I shouldn’t really like AirPod Pro anywhere near as much as […]

AirPod Pro – 3 months on…and LOVING them to bits!

My most used bit of Apple tech, undoubtedly, is one of the least expensive. But, it is the ability for the AirPod Pro to fit in so easily, that makes them my go-to headphones every day. Why do I love the AirPod Pro so much? I think it was about two years ago, when we […]

6 reasons that prove the Apple ecosystem is great

We’ve all heard about the ecosystem – today it struck me how real it is I am as guilty as the next, for trotting out the trite phrase ‘the Apple ecosystem’. It trips off the tongue, when you are in my line of work, a tad too easily. We all know what is meant by […]

One month with AirPods Pro

Are AirPods Pro worth the change? I had always enjoyed my AirPods 1st Gen. They were the one item in my Apple arsenal, that would be used every day. They were now two years old, and I fancied trading up to AirPods Pro. If that sounds familiar, then read on. It happened by luck I […]

AirPods Pro 2 are coming – the best yet?

What can we expect from AirPods Pro 2? Do you recall those halcyon days when we used to get a free pair of headphones along with our new iPhones? Doesn’t seem that long ago, does it, but in truth, it is over five years now since we had headphones, free in the box. At the […]