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AirPods Pro vs Beats Fit

I have just bought a pair of AirPods Pro. Have I made the right choice? For the past two years, I have used a pair of AirPods. I actually came by them when buying a MacBook Air for my daughter. They were free, as part of a university bundle. She already had a pair, so, […]

The iPad fight for 1st place is on!

iPad Air v iPad Pro – which one is right for you? At the recent spring, Apple Event, among all the goodies on show was the latest version of the iPad Air. This year, it now comes packed with the M1 chip inside. That is the same chip that you’d find in the Mac mini, […]

AirPods Pro – my 1st choice – they are THAT good!

Why am I loving my AirPods so much So, if you follow me at all on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/c/DavidLewistalkingtechandaudio, then you’ll know, that I am in to my headphones, rather too much it could be argued. Yet, still, I find myself reaching for my AirPods. These aren’t the AirPods Pro Max, they are not even the […]