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Reality Pro – more astonishing details come out about Apple’s headset

Apple knows this headset has got to shock – and from what we can gather…it’s not going to let us down Last week’s news Reality Pro – the name we expect Apple to use for their long-awaited AR/VR headset, is happening…and soon! We live in a fickle old world, don’t we? Last week, Apple gave […]

Apple iPhone 15 gets BIG camera upgrades, headset latest & 3 new Macs soon

Appleviews – 06th January 2023 Happy New Year I hope you had a lovely break over the holidays, and you are ready to face ’23 with renewed vim and vigour. And, if you’ve been patiently waiting all week, here is your treat – the first Appleviews of the New Year. Sign writing If you have […]

Will Apple’s AR/VR headset FINALLY ship in 2023?

Stories & rumours have building over the past few months about Apple’s much anticipated headset – but how close are we really to it becoming a reality? A long time coming Apple has been working on their AR/VR headset for nearly twenty years now, but of recent, the development program has been ramped up. Does […]

A new Apple TV, iPhone SE 4, and Craig speaks out

Appleviews – 14th October 2022 We may be getting a new Apple TV – reasons to smile! I hope your week was not spoiled by the various reports almost confirming that there will be no more Apple keynotes this year. Whatever goodies Tim and the boys have left for us this year, they will now […]

Rebuilt from the sound up! AirPods Pro 2

My most used bit of Apple tech seems to have just got better with the release of AirPods Pro 2 Easy pickings AirPods…what’s all the fuss about? Until two years, I was happily plugging in an old pair of cabled earbuds. Then, I got my first pair of AirPods, and suddenly, I got it! I […]