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Apple Music – my 1st big love but is it still my favourite?

It’s an app I use every day yet I rarely talk about it – so today I put that right! Time to make an admission Apple Music as it turns out was my entry Apple drug! It suddenly struck me today that it was that app which was the first Apple service, product or device […]

Apple Music – is it STILL my no. 1 choice? Great or a fallen hero?

The Music app is one of the most used apps on my Mac – but does it need some love? Old habits die hard Apple Music is still the music app I reach for first. I was recently on the MacRumors podcast taking audio, and during it, Dan Barbera and I mused the differences between […]

Replay – has Apple FINALLY nailed it in 2022 or is it STILL missing out?

It’s December, and that means review time. Ding-dong merrily on high Replay is finally in the play! It’s December, which for us Apple Music users, has always been a bit of an embarrassing month. Why? Well, because all, and I do mean all my friends who are Spotify users, bang on about their Spotify Wrapped […]

AirPods Pro 2 – coming soon

With less than a week to go until the Far Out event, rumours are growing that AirPods 2 may be launched there. What’s new then? Techtember is here! Silly season is very nearly with us. This time next week, Apple’s Far Out event will have been and gone. We know iPhone 14 & Apple Watch […]