Apple iOS 16.1, Sideloading & a new MacBook Air is on the way

Appleviews – 16th December 2022 Still got some news! Apple came up trumps! Well, I thought these next couple of weeks, were going to be painfully slow, and that Appleviews may just suffer a long, drawn out death! But hey – guess what? We have news! So let’s get straight in to it… Updates So, […]

iPhone 14 release date – coming earlier than normal?

Appleviews – 19th August 2022 This week News on iPhone 14 release date, the latest from Apple TV, and a security update you must install. What is Appleviews then? Way, way back, before I was writing here, on Medium, I used to blog weekly with a newsletter which I called Appleviews. I even uploaded some […]

Apple TV – it’s 1st Oscar and a bag full of Emmy Nominations

The award ceremony for this year’s Emmy Awards will be held this autumn, and looks like Apple TV is the hot ticket They came from nowhere Apple TV is a youngster when it comes to TV networks – it is not quite three years old, but already, it is a big player in the streaming […]

Apple TV…is it worth it?

I took the plunge, and here are my thoughts. Recently, I wrote a blog about changing my habits on the way I pay for and consume TV. Having been tied for many years to Sky TV and most recently Sky Q, I decided it was time to start to look around a bit. Welcome, Apple […]

Apple TV 4K – I think I’ve finally got it! And its GREAT!

Apple TV 4K – why I may jump in If you’ve subscribed to my newsletter, watched any of my videos, or even read some earlier blogs here on my Medium page, then you’ll be aware that I am quite in to AppleTV+ and their originals. Beautifully shot, fantastic sets & screenplay and wonderfully cast too. […]