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Apple Watch & Apple Fitness – 1st impressions

Late to the party, but loving it! At Last! Apple Watch – now I finally really get it. I only bought my first-ever Apple Watch this year. It was just after the September Apple Event, Far Out, and the release of the latest version of Apple Watch – Series 8, that I made my move. […]

Apple Watch 8 – NOW I get it!

I really didn’t know what to expect as an Apple Watch newbie! All new The Apple Watch 8 is my first-ever Apple Watch. After yesterday’s revelation that I had not owned a Pro iPhone before this one, I don’t really sound too much of an Apple enthusiast, do I? Pinky promise, that’s not the case […]

Apple Watch 8 – it’s here!

The blog for Apple Watch newbies… When is a watch not a watch? When it’s an Apple Watch Apple Watch may be the world’s best-selling watch – but, it’s only just made its way to my wrist…hours ago! UPS came knocking at my door earlier today, and with them, they had my Apple Watch 8. […]

Apple Watch 8 – what should I expect?

I’ve waited a long time for my first Apple Watch – what’s a few more days? Worth the wait The Apple Watch, oddly, has passed me by. In the early days, what, now some seven years ago now, I really did not get Apple Watch at all. By that time, I was already deep in […]

Far Out Review Pt. 1 – Apple Watch 8 & AirPods Pro 2

The wait is over, and this time Apple delivered! That was a busy one So, after weeks of anticipation, speculation and double-guessing, Far Out streamed last night, and it was super busy. Unless, similar to the Peak Performance event this spring, there was a live element for the press in attendance, it would appear to […]

New trademarks ahead of Apple’s AR Headset launch

Appleviews – 2nd September 2022 This week…. I hope you’ve managed to have yourselves a great week. Ahead of next week’s Far Out event, this time I have the latest news on Apple’s AR/VR headset, more news about Apple Retail & unions, the latest on Apple Podcasts subscriptions…and a word or two about iPhone 14. […]

Is Apple Watch the healthy choice?

It is the world’s best-selling watch, and it’s about to get even better…but what makes it so popular? Apparently, it’s great! Over this past week or so, I have been lucky enough to sit down and record interviews with two amazing guests. In both instances, Apple Watch has come in to the conversation. The two […]