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Apple’s ecosystem taking 1st place for making things easy

I’ve tried, I’ve honestly tried but it’s SO tough to break free Apple’s ecosystem – it’s a phrase that gets trotted out regularly and almost gets glossed over…but I’m here to tell you that it’s an actual thing. As you’ll probably know a month ago I added to my hoard of Apple gear when I […]

Apple Watch gets a huge lease of life with watch OS 10

This week I took a look at iOS 17 – now it’s time to focus on the best bits in the new watch OS Finally, Apple Watch has been shown some love. After years of pretty much seemingly standing still watchOS this year has had some meaningful updates that make using the Apple Watch quicker, […]

Falling in love with my Apple Watch again!

It was there all the time but forgotten Sometimes it’s easy to overlook the blindingly obvious. It’s easy to lose view of what’s in your line of sight. Last week I was sitting chatting with a tech friend when the subject came around to our smart watches of choice. He had been one of the […]

Apple Watch 8 – brilliant but could do better!

I am one of those pain-in-the-necks that have come to Apple Watch late in the day and am now I’m a convert Showing the love We are told that there are some big plans coming for Apple Watch at WWDC in a few weeks. Since 2015 the watch has gone from strength to strength and […]

Could Apple really become your 1st go to healthcare provider…

Apple have made their mark in our lives is so many ways – but their next goal, may be their biggest yet One in a million Apple has changed the way we work, and even made greater changes to society at large. The word, or term, smartphone, only ever came about after iPhone became part […]

Apple Watch – patents are flowing, but what will we see 1st?

Apple Watch has plenty more in store… Late to the party Apple Watch was one of the devices from Apple that I could never truly get my head around. I just couldn’t really ever understand how it would benefit me, or what it was about…but, how wrong I was. I finally weakened after last year’s […]

Apple Watch 8 – what should I expect?

I’ve waited a long time for my first Apple Watch – what’s a few more days? Worth the wait The Apple Watch, oddly, has passed me by. In the early days, what, now some seven years ago now, I really did not get Apple Watch at all. By that time, I was already deep in […]

The 6th is coming…the next Apple Event is nearly here!

The summer has been long, hot – and also dry of any new Apple gear. But that is all about to change… A drought in many ways Apple Event season is nearly back…and it can’t come soon enough! Within this past week in the UK, it has officially been declared a period of drought. Of […]