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Apples March event – 6 NEW devices promised

The drought is nearly over – and there is plenty to look forward to… For us Apple fans it’s been a very weird start to the year. Of course, there have been plenty of headlines but they have all been about one thing – the Apple Vision Pro. Don’t get me wrong – I am […]

Apple’s 1st BIG changes to the App Store and more

It’s been a long time coming… Apple and the European Union don’t get along too well…and that’s putting it mildly. USB-C-gate has come and gone, but now Apple has been forced into far more systemic changes that strike at the core of Apple’s ecosystem. Last week they announced sweeping changes to iOS, Safari, and the […]

Apple and its new App Store rules for 2024

Changes finally came into play last week – but not everyone is happy… Apple and its supposed Apple tax in their App Store has been making headlines for quite some time now. The timing of these latest changes and updates to payment methods applied to apps and in-app purchases follows the Supreme Court’s decision not […]

Into 2024 with Apple Fitness+ for the BEST you!

I’m not into New Year’s resolutions – but we all need a bit more exercise, and Apple Fitness is delivering for me… I started to use Apple Fitness+ about 18 months ago. Apple are crafty, cunning sods…when I bought my Apple Watch Series 8 it came with a month’s free trial of their workout service. […]

What to buy the Apple user for Christmas…who has EVERYTHING!

I’ve been a bad boy this year and bought too much Apple gear….but there are still gaps to be filled… With Christmas only days away my thoughts last night started to wander – I began dreaming of adding to my Apple collection the devices that have so far eluded me. Now I’ll be the first […]

Is Apple One REALLY worth it – 1 year on

This time last year I put all my eggs in one basket – but was it a good move? I’m sure I’m not the only one who eyes my bank statement ruefully as all the various monthly or yearly subs head out of my account and head towards Apple’s. At least when we go and […]

Apple’s ecosystem taking 1st place for making things easy

I’ve tried, I’ve honestly tried but it’s SO tough to break free Apple’s ecosystem – it’s a phrase that gets trotted out regularly and almost gets glossed over…but I’m here to tell you that it’s an actual thing. As you’ll probably know a month ago I added to my hoard of Apple gear when I […]

New iMac – my 1st essential installs

The clock is ticking until my new Mac arrives but already I have plans… If you know me at all then you’ll know I love Macs and a new Mac is something that always excites me a tad – more than the iPhone if truth be known. And at the top of that pile is […]

Could Apple drop a few MASSIVE surprises at Scary Fast

I’m gonna pull back the covers a little bit on today’s event and just throw a few curve balls at ya… Sitting writing this story, Apple’s Scary Fast event is only a few hours away. Apple has thrown us at every touch and turn this year – first with that gold rush of goodies in […]

Scary fast – just what does Apple have in store for us?

Get the matchsticks ready – it’s gonna be a late one for us in the UK – but it will be worth it Apple has caught us on the hop several times this year – and they continue to do so. From all the booty that dropped in the first few weeks of January, through […]