iOS 17 – the top 5 killer new features

Who needs sleep when the new iOS has just been launched? iOS 17 is now available on full release – so as you’d expect I have spent a few hours going through it trying to find the features I like the best and will actually use. I don’t know if it’s the same for you, […]

Apple’s no. 1 BIG event – has the sparkle gone?

It’s just 1 day to go, yet I feel oddly flat… With Apple’s iPhone event only a day away as I write this, normally I’d be buzzing with excitement – yet I am sitting here feeling strangely subdued, and over the weekend I tried to put my finger on why that may be. Like it […]

Apple 2 go

Where ever I go Apple is with me Apple is omnipresent in my day. Even when I think I am free from tech, in reality, Apple is with me, watching over my shoulder – but in a good way., I spend too long for my own good sometimes in my studio writing and editing videos […]

Apple’s Tap to Pay – 1 more huge step forward to the empty pocket life

I like things being kept simple – and this is another tick in that box Told you so Apple’s Tap to Pay finally comes to life today and I bet it catches on pretty quickly too. This week, I have written a lot about iOS, its shortcomings and strengths. I’ve finally been able to compare […]

Apple’s ecosystem is their 1 big advantage

It sounds small but is Apple’s walled garden a Google Pixel deal-breaker? Hard to deny Apple’s ecosystem it turns out is a real thing. This week I’ve been getting used to life on Android street and for the most part, it’s been a positive experience. The Pixel 7 Pro that I’ve been talking about has […]

Apple’s 1 basic storage mistake – a smoke-screen or a harsh reality?

Headlines aren’t always to be trusted – sadly that’s the case with Apple’s entry prices… Don’t believe the hype Apple are masters of publicity. New products are backed up by slick presentations, pre-recorded events, beautiful product photography and carefully crafted press releases. I am every bit as much of a sucker as the next person […]

Apple’s problem pinch point – can iOS 17 solve it

We demand and crave something new constantly but can Apple keep up with it? Is it our fault? Apple’s WWDC has just come & gone and now for the wait until later this summer when we get to pull apart what was on offer with the latest OS and software updates. If Apple were for […]

Apple making every day better and the 1 thing that’s missing

It’s time to take a look at my apple-infused day from start to finish The walled garden We often talk about Apple’s ecosystem sometimes in a good light and at other times as if it strangling us. Whichever way we look at it though, it’s a tangible real thing and it affects our days and […]

Apple Battersea – a stunning 1st but is it a good experience?

It’s not often you get the chance to visit a new flagship Apple Store in your own town – so I was there in a flash Apple retail Apple Battersea opened just under a week ago and over the weekend I took myself off there to have a good look around to get a good […]