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Apple – WTF?

Watch That’s Failing! Apple – let’s chat I’m going to cover a couple of points in this story. I want to have a chat with you about a couple of things. Are you sitting comfortably? I’m not one to go after clicks and reads by using outrageous titles and ludicrous claims. Nope, I’d rather that […]

Apple taming the data-scraping demon

What a thoroughly grown-up approach There was a lot of speculation leading up to this week’s WWDC just how Apple would go about introducing the data demon that is Artificial Intelligence into the Apple ecosystem. The answer turned out to be ever so simple – they didn’t! We’d wondered for ages why Apple had taken […]

Intelligently Apple

Different but delivering… Entering into WWDC I wasn’t certain of what to expect, I mean much was promised. What we got wasn’t what I was expecting, but I think Apple has delivered and in a very Apple’esque way. They hit the ground running and didn’t stop to draw breath and as is becoming a habit […]

WWDC 2024 – big announcements expected

In a little under 2 months, many questions are expected to be answered… There are two big dates in the year for us Apple fans – one is the iPhone event in the fall and the other is WWDC. Being predominately a developer’s conference it’s normally centred around software although it’s not unheard of for […]

The ways to keep iPhone GREAT

There are a few simple laws that need to be followed for that to happen I tried leaving iPhone but came running back. Is it perfect? No, but it is coming pretty bloody close. Then again, all of the top-tier phones are good – Samsung and Google are class acts and, oddly, need one another […]

Apple is my 1st choice

They are in the news a lot right now – and not always for the right reasons Once upon a time, Apple used to make the headlines for their products and latest releases, but sadly times have changed. Apple now seems to be in the news more for legal rancours than they do for their […]

Apple wins!

The rumour game is a big part of Apple’s playbook – but only if they are in control Apple and rumours go together like peanut butter & jelly. It comes with the territory. From Apple’s point of view, I’m sure they love that writers like myself spend days writing and talking about their next release. […]

WWDC 2024 – Apple’s AI event!

And we are told it’s going to be Absolutely Incredible! WWDC was formally announced by Apple yesterday – put the date in your diary as it promises to be a busy one. Whether it can replicate last year where the ‘one other thing’ turned out to be the Vision Pro or not remains to be […]

Apple vs. the world

Things were bad enough when it was only Europe that hated Apple… Apple took a big hit yesterday when the US government effectively sued them. I think it’s fair to say that yesterday was a bad day at the office for Apple, Tim Cook and the Cupertino boys. And in essence, it all stems from […]

Apple – so what makes an event

With it looking unlikely that we are getting a spring event this year today I ask why With Apple over the past few weeks, it’s been a case of will they or won’t they – would they hold a spring event or not? The first rumours we heard were that we would definitely be getting […]