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Apple’s ecosystem taking 1st place for making things easy

I’ve tried, I’ve honestly tried but it’s SO tough to break free Apple’s ecosystem – it’s a phrase that gets trotted out regularly and almost gets glossed over…but I’m here to tell you that it’s an actual thing. As you’ll probably know a month ago I added to my hoard of Apple gear when I […]

Apple TV+ – amazing movies and shows – my no.1 go-to service

This year has been a revelation to me in finding out about Apple TV+. It’s worth taking a look… A pleasant surprise Apple TV had, until this year, been a bit of a dark hole for me. A warren that I didn’t truly grasp, or comprehend. I had bought my first Apple TV box years […]

My No. 1 go to box – Apple TV, just got better!

I’ve fallen for Apple TV this year, but should I buy the new one? The forgotten hero Apple TV – it really does not get the love it deserves. Not only from us, but even from Apple. This year, again, there has been little attention paid to this great set-top box from Apple, but, as […]

Apple TV – it’s 1st Oscar and a bag full of Emmy Nominations

The award ceremony for this year’s Emmy Awards will be held this autumn, and looks like Apple TV is the hot ticket They came from nowhere Apple TV is a youngster when it comes to TV networks – it is not quite three years old, but already, it is a big player in the streaming […]

HomePod mini – 2 is BETTER than 1!

HomePod Minis & Apple TV are a match made in heaven – here’s why! An offer too good to miss I was given my first HomePod mini at Christmas, and for the longest time, I could no work out where it would best fit in to my home set-up. Then it came to me, just […]

HomePod Mini – my first 6 months, and STILL pleasantly surprised

I’m a man who likes decent audio. Would the HomePod Mini satisfy even my ear? Yet another speaker – really? I have my weaknesses, I’ll admit it! And one of those happens to be audio. Now, I am not the kind of guy that will spend thousands on amps, DACs and speakers, but equally, I […]