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Apple smash Wall Street, iPhone 15 latest and more from the Morning Show

Appleviews – 05th May 2023 The results are in Apple yesterday announced the Q2 fiscal results – and they were better than anticipated. Year-on-year they actually managed to sell more iPhones than the previous year which was far from a foregone conclusion. Where Wall Street had been predicting a 4% dip in iPhone sales, they […]

Apple store heist, 1 great way Tim unwinds, and the future is bright for AirPods

Appleviews – 07th April 2023 An odd week It’s not been the smoothest of weeks for Apple. Their weather app drew much unwanted attention, many services were down, they announced their first layoffs, and the headset may be delayed again. Never a dull week huh… Mac to go please In what was almost a throwback […]

Apple xrOS, Twitter safe on the App Store, and 1 way to freshen up old AirPods

Appleviews – 02nd December 2022 It’s starting to feel a lot like Christmas It’s time for your weekly Apple newsletter… Well, this weekend at Lewis Towers, the tree will be going up, and hopefully, the mulled wine will be flowing too. So, before I go all festive on you, let me roll back my Cupertino […]