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Artificial Intelligence and 3 new ways Apple has changed the game forever

AI is certainly the buzzword of the tech community – it’s everywhere. And for all the growing concerns of evil, there is good to be had by it as well Deepfaking Generative Artificial Intelligence (AI) first came into my line of vision last year with OpenAI’s Dalle-E 2 which creates stunning, creative, realistic images from […]

MusicLM from Google – a massive 1st step…but will it have a happy ending?

Yesterday we may just have witnessed something pretty remarkable… It was coming MusicLM – is it simply another step on the AI journey, or is it another brick in the creatives wall? Being an Apple-focused creator, I only had one eye on Google’s annual IO event yesterday. While the headlines may have been dominated by […]

Apple & Artificial Intelligence – when 1st isn’t ALWAYS best

With AI being the buzzword now, Apple is further along the road than you may, at first, think Standing alone Apple has never been a follower of trends, rather an innovator. I think that could well be what we’re seeing with their current development of Artificial Intelligence. Billions, and I do mean billions, are being […]

Apple Books Embraces the Digital Age with Artificial Intelligence in 2023

The Future of Writing – How Digital Voices are Changing the Role of the Author The chat Apple has joined the Artificial Intelligence (AI) hustle – with their Books app. It appears that the final few weeks of 2022 were dominated by AI, and in particular, ChatGPT. Developed by OpenAI, ChatGPT is a language model […]