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A new HomePod is coming – and it could have 1 VERY useful function!

Rumours are rife from all angles that Apple will be releasing a new HomePod later this year. There have also been some changes made to home hub… A welcome return for HomePod I was not one of the lucky ones who bought the original HomePod. By all accounts, I missed out. In essence, these two […]

HomePod Mini – my first 6 months, and STILL pleasantly surprised

I’m a man who likes decent audio. Would the HomePod Mini satisfy even my ear? Yet another speaker – really? I have my weaknesses, I’ll admit it! And one of those happens to be audio. Now, I am not the kind of guy that will spend thousands on amps, DACs and speakers, but equally, I […]

Making a GREAT podcast interview with Adobe Audition

How to make a podcast interview work…and get it recorded on a Mac in Audition Until late last year, I hosted music radio shows. One of those three weekly shows was centred around interviewing leading and prominent guests from the jazz scene. Guests such as Kyle Eastwood, Clare Teal, China Moses and Leee John were […]

AirPods Pro – my 1st choice – they are THAT good!

Why am I loving my AirPods so much So, if you follow me at all on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/c/DavidLewistalkingtechandaudio, then you’ll know, that I am in to my headphones, rather too much it could be argued. Yet, still, I find myself reaching for my AirPods. These aren’t the AirPods Pro Max, they are not even the […]