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The Dyson Zone – for real?

The Dyson Zone could be one of the most elaborate jokes of all time, or an outstanding innovation. You decide. It is not often I start a blog with a disclaimer. The timing of the release of this story, could not have been worse, or perhaps better. So, in the fullness of time, don’t judge […]

AirPods Pro – my 1st choice – they are THAT good!

Why am I loving my AirPods so much So, if you follow me at all on YouTube https://www.youtube.com/c/DavidLewistalkingtechandaudio, then you’ll know, that I am in to my headphones, rather too much it could be argued. Yet, still, I find myself reaching for my AirPods. These aren’t the AirPods Pro Max, they are not even the […]