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What plans for HomePod? The 1st and STILL the best?

Apple has a heritage in audio, yet their home speaker set up has been lacking over recent years…but that may be about to change, as they have plans for HomePod I’m a fan Sometimes, I think I am just, plain odd. I never had problems with the butterfly keyboard. I was a bit of a […]

HomePod mini – 2 is BETTER than 1!

HomePod Minis & Apple TV are a match made in heaven – here’s why! An offer too good to miss I was given my first HomePod mini at Christmas, and for the longest time, I could no work out where it would best fit in to my home set-up. Then it came to me, just […]

A new HomePod is coming – and it could have 1 VERY useful function!

Rumours are rife from all angles that Apple will be releasing a new HomePod later this year. There have also been some changes made to home hub… A welcome return for HomePod I was not one of the lucky ones who bought the original HomePod. By all accounts, I missed out. In essence, these two […]

HomePod Mini – my first 6 months, and STILL pleasantly surprised

I’m a man who likes decent audio. Would the HomePod Mini satisfy even my ear? Yet another speaker – really? I have my weaknesses, I’ll admit it! And one of those happens to be audio. Now, I am not the kind of guy that will spend thousands on amps, DACs and speakers, but equally, I […]

Where did the wi-fi go?

Apple has numerous products that rely on wi-fi, yet they no longer have a router. Why? You name it, and any number of Apples devices live and breath by their connection to the outside world. It’s all about wi-fi. Yet, oddly, Apple does not sell a wi-fi router, at least not any more. If you […]