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HomePods – 2 is the PERFECT pair

Not put off by the initial setup issues, I recently bought my second HomePod…the results though, I did not expect… I have been using a HomePod for a year now and have loved it. I missed out on the smart speaker the first time around, so when Apple dropped this new version on us last […]

HomePod ’23 – if it ain’t broke…

I’ve been running the HomePod for about a month now…so, here’s my thoughts Was that all it was HomePod – I hardly gave it a second thought. When Apple announced it, my debit card was out, primed and ready. I already owned two HomePod minis, and was pretty happy with them. I had never owned […]

Apple introduces the fantastic new HomePod – what’s new in 2023

Delivering incredible audio quality, enhanced Siri capabilities, and a safe and secure smart home experience this is the press release from Apple, introducing us to HomePod V2 CUPERTINO, CALIFORNIA Apple today announced HomePod (2nd generation), a powerful smart speaker that delivers next-level acoustics in a gorgeous, iconic design. Packed with Apple innovations and Siri intelligence, […]

Apple in 2023 – what the HECK is going on?

Apple has caught us all unaware over the past few days, but what’s really behind it all? Another day… Apple, I think it is fair to say, over this past week, has caught us all with our trousers down! Yesterday, I wrote about the slew of Macs that were released on Tuesday. If your head […]

HomePod – is Apple’s STUNNING speaker coming back in ’23

Gone too soon, but it seems that this year, HomePod lovers are set for a treat HomePod was king HomePod was loved by everyone that owned one – OK, not so much for its build quality, but for the audio it delivered, it was revered. Its reign was short-lived, and after a mere three years, […]

What plans for HomePod? The 1st and STILL the best?

Apple has a heritage in audio, yet their home speaker set up has been lacking over recent years…but that may be about to change, as they have plans for HomePod I’m a fan Sometimes, I think I am just, plain odd. I never had problems with the butterfly keyboard. I was a bit of a […]

A new HomePod is coming – and it could have 1 VERY useful function!

Rumours are rife from all angles that Apple will be releasing a new HomePod later this year. There have also been some changes made to home hub… A welcome return for HomePod I was not one of the lucky ones who bought the original HomePod. By all accounts, I missed out. In essence, these two […]

HomePod Mini – my first 6 months, and STILL pleasantly surprised

I’m a man who likes decent audio. Would the HomePod Mini satisfy even my ear? Yet another speaker – really? I have my weaknesses, I’ll admit it! And one of those happens to be audio. Now, I am not the kind of guy that will spend thousands on amps, DACs and speakers, but equally, I […]