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iCloud 12 years on – a feature or a product?

From an auspicious start to a robust part of the ecosystem – how iCloud has come of age The cloud future iCloud has not always been the polished, cloud-based storage, and app-based service we know today. Indeed, originally, it wasn’t even iCloud, but morphed in to life from its sibling – MobileMe. That subscription-based service, […]

Apple getting STRONG – 1 more step to security

More online protection as Apple flex their cyber muscles End-to-end has happened Yesterday, Apple announced a massive step forward in online security by adding end-to-end encryption to a host of their apps. In what they are calling Advanced Data Protection, (ADP) Apple has added this higher level of security to a further 9 of their […]

Family Sharing – the forgotten Apple Gem

Family Sharing and why YOU should be using it For all I love Apple, I will be the first to admit, that we don’t get given an awful lot free by the Californian tech titan. But, there is a feature, that we all have access to, that cost’s nothing and is embedded in iOS, that […]

iCloud+ the perfect storage solution

If you work on Macs and iOS devices, are you taking advantage of this backup and storage solution with iCloud yet? How it all began Going back years, and I mean years, pretty much the only decent cloud, storage and backup solution was Dropbox. It was pretty much a game changer from its very inception. […]

Mac Mail – still the best?

despite the competition, I still love the native Mac Mail app Email is very nearly 50 years old. It is the one app, on a Mac, that every user will open and check multiple times per day. A staggering 98.4% of Mac users will open the mail app daily. The sheer volume of mail is […]