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Mac at 40 – is the king dead or as strong as ever?

The Mac had a milestone birthday this week – but what is its future? The Mac – Apple’s long-standing iconic machine turned 40 this week, and against all odds, it’s looking better than ever. But its existence over those four decades has been far from plain sailing – it’s taken some tough knocks for sure […]

iMacs 25 years on – why do we STILL love them?

More than any other Apple device iMacs seem to be the one that steals our hearts…but why? Last year at Apple’s Scary Fast event Apple gave us the next iteration of the iconic iMac. Now packing the latest M3 Apple silicon architecture it has recaptured our hearts all over again. I bought one – and […]

M3 iMac & Apple silicon – a creator’s dream!

Apple silicon is still breaking the rules 3 years on… Not long ago, Apple shook up what we had come to expect as the norm from our desktop or laptop Macs. Once upon power had equated to being plugged in, tethered to a desk with large, heavy chunky machines. Asking them to carry out even […]

iMac – my 1st BIG love affair

I have much to thank and blame iMac for. Let’s take a stroll down memory lane… You always remember your first love right…where you met and those first moments together – well that is how it was for me and the iMac. I can remember where I bought it, the day of the week and […]

Apple’s ecosystem taking 1st place for making things easy

I’ve tried, I’ve honestly tried but it’s SO tough to break free Apple’s ecosystem – it’s a phrase that gets trotted out regularly and almost gets glossed over…but I’m here to tell you that it’s an actual thing. As you’ll probably know a month ago I added to my hoard of Apple gear when I […]

The amazing M3 iMac – 1 month later

I happen to love it, but is it right for you? I’ve pretty much been using the M3 iMac solidly since it arrived just under a month ago – and on the whole, I’ve been delighted with it – but would I recommend it to you probably…but I’ll come back to that a bit later […]

Apple and the Pro fixation…3 BIG letters…

Pro this and Pro that…but what does it all mean? Apple loves to have categories and places for everything – there are the so-called consumer-level Macs and devices and then the time-honoured Pro machines. But what does Pro represent? At the latest event, the Scary Fast Event Apple resigned the much-maligned 13-inch MacBook Pro to […]

iMac and it’s 360-degree lifecycle

iMac is back with another new lease of life – but what’s next? iMac – one small word that conjures up so much thought and emotion. I don’t know why, but whenever I go to an Apple Store the first thing I always check out are the iMacs on display. To me they define Mac […]

M3 Apple silicon has a BIG problem!

I’m betting there are a few headaches at Apple Park… 3 years ago Apple changed the rules for what we had come to accept as the norm – as the rules. But has Apple silicon turned out to be a massive problem for them? I have three Macs in my studio which span the history […]

M3 iMac – brilliant but is it in danger?

My new iMac arrived yesterday, and I have some concerning thoughts about it’s future I’ve written recently about my love affair with iMacs and yesterday’s arrival of my latest one the M3 iMac so far hasn’t disappointed me – in fact, it left me buzzing. After Apple’s latest event, most people seemed to be taken […]