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iMac – my 1st love & why the affair continues…

I just knew I’d weaken! I tried hard yesterday to fight temptation, but I finally gave in late last night and bought another iMac. I say another as I think this will be my fourth, and of all the Macs I’ve owned and used the iMac is the one that first stole my heart. Post-pandemic […]

Apple…so fast – but not so scary

As the coffee takes effect after a late night, let’s take a look back at Apple’s Scary Fast event together… When Apple announced this event last week speculation was high about what or rather how they would deliver whatever it was we were about to be getting. First I guess I need to put my […]

Apple iMac – Happy 25th birthday for the majestic Mac

The iMac is the Mac I still think of as being the Mac, and this week it turns a quarter of a century old. Humble beginnings Apple’s iMac was the second Mac I bought and was my first proper Mac. It all started with a MacBook Air which was good enough to get me hooked. […]

3 reasons Apple’s supply chain is broken 

Apple’s broken supply chain system – the closed loop system As you’ll know if you read my blogs regularly, I have been ordering some new Apple gear recently. Over past weeks, I have talked about the supply chain system issues and global chip shortages. As it turns out, these are not just words on a […]

What next for the mighty Mac mini?

Plenty planned for this stunning desktop Mac mini It seems like only yesterday that we were shown the first Apple Silicon chip, the M1 range, and yet here we are, just over a year later, and the M2 successor is suddenly the talk of the town. Of recent, there has been a real purge on […]

New iPhone 15 leaks & the first renders

Apple View round-up 11th April – 15th April 2022 Again, news is thin on the ground for us Apple fans, but whatever there is out there, I have hoovered up for you in this week’s Apple Views blog – including news on iPhone 15! WWDC Update I reported last week on the confirmed date of […]

Have we seen the last of the big iMac’s?

Are these great machines now a thing of the past? Almost a week ago now, Apple unveiled their brand-new range of computers. Mac Studio, launched last week at Peek Performance, and it looks like it will pack quite some punch. Whilst we await the first review units to arrive and be put through their paces, […]

The 27-inch iMac is no more – RIP!

Overnight – the big 27-inch iMac is gone! What next 7 March – 11 March 2022 From Russia with no love Apple has paused sales in Russia, including shutting down its online store and stopping exports to Russia as well. Apple Pay has been massively restricted, whilst the traffic & live incidents features on Apple […]