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Apple’s 1st round win – RCS is FINALLY coming to iPhone

So it’s finally happening – or is it? A week is a very long time in the tech space – and this week is no exception – with Apple is never far from the headlines Apple has just seemingly made a massive announcement in regards to its messaging platform – but is it just Apple’s […]

New iPhone 15 leaks & the first renders

Apple View round-up 11th April – 15th April 2022 Again, news is thin on the ground for us Apple fans, but whatever there is out there, I have hoovered up for you in this week’s Apple Views blog – including news on iPhone 15! WWDC Update I reported last week on the confirmed date of […]

iMessage is number 1 – is it the best though?

How to improve your messaging life Love it or hate it, predictive text with iMessage is part of our everyday lives. How many times per week do you find yourself sending that all too embarrassing, follow-up message saying, ‘sorry, I meant……” Predictive text is here to stay, so best we tame the beast. Often times, […]