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iPad – 1 step away from brilliant

Last week, Apple didn’t have their best day at the office. Why are they so confused? It could be special iPad is over 10 years old now. Its history is that of a child pop-star, that went off the rails. When Steve Jobs first launched it, the initial shock of ‘it’s just a large iPhone’, […]

Apple & USB-C, iOS 16 updates, & bugs for AirPod Pro 2

Appleviews – 07th October 2022 Hello! Have you got 5 to catch-up on some Apple news? If so, you are in the right place. How’s your week been? As ever, it seems to have passed super quickly, but that is no bad thing, as it means we can assemble once more at the chapel of […]

iOS 16 – the best bits

The bits I’m enjoying most in iOS 16 It’s a goodie iOS 16 delivered! Some years, the new OS turns out to be a bit of a let-down and a damp squib. It always looks great at WWDC, but come the full release, I’ve often been left feeling somewhat deflated. But this year, iOS 16 […]

iPhone 14 Camera-gate, AirDrop and The Dynamic Island

Appleviews – 23rd September 2022 Camera Shakes Since release day, iPhone 14 has not been out of the headlines. Met with mostly strong reactions, the one big negative, has been the camera shaking issue, that some users have come across. I first heard about it via a tweet from Luke Miani. It is all to […]

The wait was worth it – iPhone 14

I’d waited two years to trade-up…has iPhone 14 delivered? It’s going to be a busy one iPhone 14 has been everywhere over this last week. September has been iPhone month for as long as I can recall, and for the first time, I have been a part of the hype. Since I started to write, […]

Mail and iOS 16

The Mail app is something we all use every day – what’s new with it in iOS 16? iOS 16 – it’s awfully good! I am loving iOS 16! If you were kind enough to lend me your eyes yesterday, then you’ll have read my initial ramblings on it. That blog was very much a […]

iOS 16 – the FIRST I things set up!

It was gone midnight, but I knew it had to be done – and here is what I sorted first. Finally, it’s here June seems a helluva of a long while back, doesn’t it? Long days, the heatwave, late night walks, oh, and WWDC. It was back then, that we got our first look at […]