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iPhone 16 & AI

It’s coming, we know it’s coming, but what do we want from it? Like clockwork, we know we’ll be getting the iPhone 16 this September and although the phone itself may look much the same as the one sitting on my desk today – how it works and the iOS behind it stand to be […]

iOS 18 – Apple’s BIGGEST update EVER?

The full release is still 6 months away – but the rumours are that is going to be something special Apple’s WWDC and iOS 18 are still 6 months away. Sure, we get a few devices sprinkled in from time to time as well, but at its heart, it’s a software event. Some years iOS […]

Apple iOS 17.1 landed today & there BIG changes coming for AirPods

What are the highlights to look out for in the latest OS and what is about to happen to Apple’s audio range? Today finally saw the full release of the latest update to Apple’s mobile operating system. I installed it earlier today and although it is only a fairly minor change I thought it might […]

Form or function – what is Apple’s 1st ambition? Will it be for the best?

With Jony Ive now a name in Apple’s history books, what are Apple? Are they still design led, or is Apple silicon now more important? Think different Since the companies’ inception in April 1976, that strap-line has been at the core of Apple’s heartbeat. Apple has always prided themselves on design, creativity, and an unorthodox […]

What plans for HomePod? The 1st and STILL the best?

Apple has a heritage in audio, yet their home speaker set up has been lacking over recent years…but that may be about to change, as they have plans for HomePod I’m a fan Sometimes, I think I am just, plain odd. I never had problems with the butterfly keyboard. I was a bit of a […]

WWDC 2022 – did it deliver? BIG surprises or a damp squib?

I have just sat through WWDC 2022, so, if you missed it, here is what went on… It’s done! So, much like some of you, I have just spent the best part of the last two hours watching the long awaited, WWDC. I am trying hard to make sense of my copiously, scribbled notes, to […]

WWDC 2022 – the 3 things I REALLY want

Earlier this week, I wrote about what I thought we might see at WWDC 2022. Here I tell you about the 3 things I’d love to see next week. Not long now We are now just a few days away from this year’s spring WWDC 2022 conference from Apple Park. Rumours have been lean this […]

Is the iPad REALLY broken? has it got 1 more chance?

Or are we just looking at it the wrong way? Pivotal moments in design & technology history come about it in the strangest of ways. Take the iPad for instance. It may have never come to be, but for a dinner party! Sitting down with friends, Steve Jobs was told that Bill Gates was working […]