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My 1st iPad Pro – a step into the unknown

My mind is kinda made up For whatever reason I have never been much of an iPad fan. Scrub that…I have never been a fan of Apple’s tablet full—stop but I’m unsure why. I bought one of the very first ones – a big white one I seem to recall but it never seemed to […]

iPad vs. Apple Vision the fight is on!

This year I was going to buy an iPad Pro – but now I’m not so certain… If you’ve read me for any length of time then you’ll know I have never owned an iPad. Well, that’s not strictly true – I did buy one of the very early ones in 2011 and I do […]

iPad – STILL the confusion reigns with 1 more pencil!

Tell me I am not alone in finding iPads a bit hard to understand… On Monday rumours were rife that new iPads were coming via an Apple press release. Excitement started to mount wondering what goodies Apple were about to give us. Well, as you’ll doubtless know by now, we didn’t get an iPad – […]

iPad – why have I never loved you?

I’ve never really understood them! iPad remains an enigma to me – I just don’t get them. Macs I’ve had a few, iPhone more than I care to remember, HomePods, Apple Watch…you get the picture, I like my Apple gear sure enough, but for some reason, I just don’t get iPads. Lamb to the slaughter […]

Is iPad about to dominate in 2023?

It’s a big week ahead for iPad – expect it to be getting a lot of headlines The wait is over Over a decade ago iPad came amongst us. For much of its life, iPad seems to have been confused as to what it is. It had an identity crisis before it was even fashionable. […]

iPad – 1 step away from brilliant

Last week, Apple didn’t have their best day at the office. Why are they so confused? It could be special iPad is over 10 years old now. Its history is that of a child pop-star, that went off the rails. When Steve Jobs first launched it, the initial shock of ‘it’s just a large iPhone’, […]

Buy Steve Jobs Mac, macOS for iPad coming, & new MacBooks soon

Appleviews – 21st October 2022 It’s that time again… Apple & iPad have not had a great week, have they? Wow, I know I’m going to sound old, but that week sure passed quickly. I hope yours was good, and you have a few spare moments to kickback, and catch up on this week’s Appleviews. […]

iPad – is this 1 week Apple should forget?

I’m away for just one day, and look what happens? Seeing in to the future Earlier this summer, I wrote a blog all about iPad being confused. Turns out, after this week, I may just be right after all. Yesterday, as you’ll know, I was of visiting another creator, but that gave me a chance […]

Get ready…M2 iPads are COMING!

This week looks set to be a busy one for Apple, and the M2 is at the heart of it…but is it just a stop-gap? They’re coming… You’re going to be hearing a lot about the M2 chip over the next few days. It would seem, true to the rumours, that Apple will not be […]

AirPods Pro 2 & Stage Manager updates

Appleviews – 30th September 2022 It’s that time already… I’m in love with AirPods Pro 2 – it’s official. Aside from that, another week, another dollar…or something like that. If they carry on passing this quickly, we’ll be serving the turkey before we know it! It’s been, a busy, exciting and eventful week, and now, […]