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M3 MacBook Air vs M4 iPad Pro

The fight is real! My M3 MacBook Air must be wondering what it’s done wrong! Apart from the times that called for the grunt of my workhorse – the M1 Max MacBook Pro I’d been reaching for the Air over the past few months. The battery goes on for what seems like forever, the 15-inch […]

Nano Texture & M4 iPad – no thank you

It was a chance worth taking… Nano texture was always a risky option, but as I was making a jump into the unknown with this being my first iPad Pro anyway, I figured it was worth taking a look at it. I’d heard of nano texture before – it was an option when I spec’d […]

iPad – why does it need macOS?

Finally, I can have my say… iPad and iPadOS is an argument that I’ve not been able to enter into – until this week. That’s right, last week my first proper iPad arrived – a 13-inch M4 iPad Pro with all the boxes ticked (other than the cellular one) and it’s a beast. At the […]

M4 iPad Pro – my 1st weekend

This time last week I’d never used an iPad Pro – oh how things can change! If you read any of my stories last week then you’ll know my M4 iPad Pro arrived. It took me a few days, but over the weekend I made a proper effort to spend some time with it and […]

1st Day – M4 iPad Pro

Working on iPad – a new experience Today is the day I will finally go full iPad. It’s an odd gig this content creation lark. The first day I spent with the iPad which was now 48 hours ago, I barely got to use it. The day was spent taking B-roll shots of it and […]

iPad – just 1 more day…

The wait is very nearly over – I’ve only had to wait over a decade! I don’t know why, but I’ve never owned an iPad – well, at least not an iPad Pro. I did have one of the original tablets from 2010 and have a 7 or 8-year-old iPad mini that I never use. […]

iPad and AI becoming a reality – FINALLY with M4 Apple silicon!

iPad was given a new lease of life last week – and two pro apps show it off Last week’s Let Loose event was a showcase for iPad. We’d waited an eternity for new iPads – and much like buses, it all came at once. The stars of the Apple event last Tuesday were hardware […]

iPad with M4 – will it FINALLY take centre stage?

As the dust settles here are some more in-depth thoughts about the week’s events iPad has certainly made the headlines this week – and it deserved to. When Apple said Let Loose they really meant it – they were not taking any prisoners with this next step in the tablet’s life. Over the past few […]

iPad, Let Loose and 40 minutes of madness

In the blink of an eye it’s over – but boy it packed a punch Let Loose – was much anticipated but did it deliver? Oh boy, it did it ever! I predicted that it would be a trim and tidy event, and so it was. Let Loosedelivered the information without any faff, fat or fillers […]

Let Loose – is it just WWDC coming early?

I have a thought – bear with me… Let Loose – Apple’s first event of 2024 is a touch over 2024 hours away and soon we’ll find out exactly what Apple meant by this being a ‘different’ kind of event. As ever there has been all kinds of speculation leading up to the event and […]