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iPad with M4 – will it FINALLY take centre stage?

As the dust settles here are some more in-depth thoughts about the week’s events iPad has certainly made the headlines this week – and it deserved to. When Apple said Let Loose they really meant it – they were not taking any prisoners with this next step in the tablet’s life. Over the past few […]

iPad, Let Loose and 40 minutes of madness

In the blink of an eye it’s over – but boy it packed a punch Let Loose – was much anticipated but did it deliver? Oh boy, it did it ever! I predicted that it would be a trim and tidy event, and so it was. Let Loosedelivered the information without any faff, fat or fillers […]

Let Loose – is it just WWDC coming early?

I have a thought – bear with me… Let Loose – Apple’s first event of 2024 is a touch over 2024 hours away and soon we’ll find out exactly what Apple meant by this being a ‘different’ kind of event. As ever there has been all kinds of speculation leading up to the event and […]

Is iPad coming to Apple’s Q3 rescue?

Apple yesterday announced their latest financial results and a shot in the arm is needed… The new iPad can’t come a moment too soon for Apple. That’s not me simply jotting down wild speculation – the figures are there in black & white for all to see in yesterday’s Q2 2024 Earnings Call. Don’t get […]

iPad & AI – the perfect partners & a 1st for Apple

A lot hinges on Let Loose in a fortnight – Apple has high hopes! The iPad lineup hasn’t seen any changes since October 2022 which in tech terms is an eternity. Imagine just for a moment if the iPhone were not to be refreshed for nearly two years – there would be uproar! Now I […]

2024 iPads are coming – FINALLY

Apple yesterday sent out the invites for the Let Loose event – let’s take a look shall we… iPads are coming at last!! The will they won’t they or more accurately when will they finally got laid to rest yesterday as the invites started to land for Apple’s latest event. We all know there is […]

iPad’s time to shine

Mini 8.3” retina 64/256 from £569 2nd get pencil £139 or USB-C £79 Smart Folio £69 A15 iPad9th/10th Gen £369/£499 64/256 9 gets 1st gen pencil USBC 10.2” retina screen 10 gets Pencil £79 or 1st Gen £109 10.9” Liquid Retina screen A14 Air 10.9” LED backlit P3 64/256 £669 2nd gen pencil or USBC M1 8GB Pro 11” or 13” 128/256/512/1/2 £899/£1249 Liquid Retina or XDR All pencils & keyboards M2 1/2/TB gets 16GB

M3 iPad Pro – now I REALLY want you

Oh dear – I think I’ve just spent my own money! For whatever reason I’ve never really understood iPads – in fact, an iPad mini is the only one I’ve ever owned and I hardly ever use it. I spend my days either at the studio or in my office at home where I’m surrounded […]

Apple gently teasing us with 1 device at a time…

Our appetite for new gear is as insatiable as ever Apple is only weeks or possibly even days away from releasing a slew of new products – and they can’t come soon enough. The other day as I was reading up on what is expected to be coming our way and it made me realise […]

iPad – I may have been wrong…

Would it fit into my workflow after all? I’ve long held the opinion that an iPad has no place in my life. The majority of my workday is spent at the desk either here at home or in the studio – and I am surrounded by Macs. I’m writing this on my 16-inch M1 Max […]