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Apple – are they SERIOUS about being green with iPhone 14?

We hear a lot about Apple and their environmental goals. But are they truly invested? Board level Apple is, first and foremost, a company. A very successful, and profitable company at that. As such, it means their first concerns will always be to the board and their shareholders. We have reached a tipping point now, […]

iPhone 14 – what’s it REALLY like?

I bought mine 3 months ago, and used it every day since… A Pro! iPhone 14 has been among my daily carry for a few months now. I realised I’d not brought you up to date on how I’m finding it. It’s funny you know, I remember sitting watching the September Far Out event, thinking, that […]

Black Friday Apple Event, Job’s Birkenstocks & no iPhones 14’s for Christmas

Appleviews – 18th November 2022 Roll up, roll up…. It’s nearly Black Friday – but more of that in a moment. Welcome along to another Friday’s Appleviews – it’s a happy place where we get together, and round up the best of the week’s Apple News & highlights…and this week we’re gonna kick off with […]

AirPods get firmware update, a shorter Siri, & problems for iPhone 14 Pro

Appleviews – 11th November 2022 Round 1 I love my AirPods…and I will get to this in just a brief moment. Welcome back folks, as we round the corner in to the weekend, I have been busy, as ever, looking out the juiciest joints of news that would make the final edit, on this week’s […]

USB-C – is the BEST way forward for iPhone 15?

Much has been said about the port at the bottom of your iPhone – is change coming, though? The interview USB-C , iPhone and its port – the conversation has been had a thousand times. Last week, there were a lot of clickbait headlines, shouting that next year’s iPhone will be ditching its 12-year-old lightning […]

Elon signs on the dotted line and buys Twitter, and USB-C coming to iPhone

Appleviews – 28th October 2022 I swear, they pass faster So, Twitter is sold – more on that in a bit. But, geez, is it really Friday already? I have a worrying concern, that the older you get, the quicker the weeks pass…moving swiftly on…let’s start with today’s big news… He actually did it! Whether […]

iPhone 14 Pro – for SERIOUS video work

Do you use your iPhone 14 Pro for photo & video work? Then read on… First things first If you’ve been reading me for some time, then you’ll know that I traded-up to an iPhone 14 Pro. That switch was made with the camera set-up on iPhone 14 Pro, very much, front & centre. Over […]

iPhone 14 Pro – the creative highlights!

Living with the iPhone 14 Pro…what are the best bits No regrets Spending all that money on my iPhone 14 Pro, was, probably, the best money I have spent this year. Well, that has kind of ruined the rest of the blog, hasn’t it? But equally, I didn’t want to hold back the truth from […]

2 weeks with iPhone 14 Pro – and THAT camera

This has been my first pro iPhone ever…what an eye-opener Not all hype iPhone 14 Pro has really opened my eyes up. For a man who is in to his tech, and Apple tech in particular, that is quite a surprising statement, I know. Being based in the UK means that the easiest way to […]