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iPhone 15 – a MASSIVE risk for Apple

With 6 months to go, we already seem to know an awful lot about this year’s iPhone 15 – time to take a closer look Leaks galore iPhone 15 is coming soon… Over the past few weeks, I’ve looked at the long-overdue Apple silicon Mac Pro, and the AR/VR headset too, but the one device […]

Apple iPhone 15 gets BIG camera upgrades, headset latest & 3 new Macs soon

Appleviews – 06th January 2023 Happy New Year I hope you had a lovely break over the holidays, and you are ready to face ’23 with renewed vim and vigour. And, if you’ve been patiently waiting all week, here is your treat – the first Appleviews of the New Year. Sign writing If you have […]

Apple iPhone 14 & 15 news PLUS good news for Apple Watch wearers

Appleviews – 30th December 2022 It’s nearly that time… And so, here we are – the last blog of the year. And even now, as things appear quiet, I have managed to find some newsworthy stories for you. So, sleeves up, settle back, grab a coffee, and let’s take a look at what’s brewing – […]

Apple NOT buying Man Utd, iPhone 15 news, and is Lossless coming to AirPods?

Appleviews – 25th November 2022 Welcome to Black Friday Yup, it’s that weekend of the year, when we are supposed to go shopping mad, and bag endless goodies with massive discounts. I don’t know about you, but I never seem to have that luck! Guess I must be shopping for the wrong stuff then, huh? […]