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iPhone 16 – what to expect

The rumours are circulating- so let’s look at what we’re hearing so far The world of tech doesn’t slow up. We are only 6 months into the iPhone 15 cycle but are already looking ahead to what we can expect from this year’s iPhone 16. In this story, I’ll focus on the iPhone 16 Pro […]

The battery saga & the iPhone15 Pro Max

Another day another story It’s been an odd week for me and my iPhone 15 Pro Max. For me – well I’ve ventured out twice this week! I’m not trying to paint myself as some kind of a hermit but by nature, I am a loner which is why this content creation lark is perfect […]

iPhone 15 Pro Max – the good and the bad

I spent the day out and about with it yesterday – I have stuff to say This week’s video is going to be about my 6 months with the iPhone 15 Pro Max. Yesterday I decided to break free from the studio and take the phone out with me for the day. There have been […]

iPhone 15 -still doing its thing

It’s 5 months old now and no one is talking about it – let’s change that! My iPhone 15 Pro Max sits at my side every day – just quietly being brilliant! We hardly ever look back in the tech world – events come and go new products and devices are wheeled out at a […]

iPhone 15 and feature overload

How many features do you honestly use on your phone? Let’s chat… I like to be as frank with you as possible – so right from the top, I’m going to say I’m a very happy iPhone user who is happily sitting behind Apple’s walled garden – you that ecosystem. I’ve written recently about how […]

Should Apple be worried?

Will Samsung’s Unpacked event cause Apple to re-think their game plan It’s a pretty big week for Apple – in a few hours, Apple Vision Pro will be available to pre-order ahead of its 2nd February release date. But timed as if to ruin their party Samsung hosted their big event of the year yesterday, […]

iPhone 15 Pro Max – a real camera killer

Believe it or not I now reach for the iPhone before my Canon…it’s THAT good! The more I use my iPhone 15 Pro Max the more I recognise how good it is. There is a bit of a story to tell here – and it’s camera-based and it all came about because of starting a […]

Not switching – iPhone 15 Pro Max is still my choice

I think I have finally worked out what keeps me using an iPhone and iOS – and no…it’s not the ecosystem So, firstly, I’m not going to be slamming Android in this story, and simply praising iOS. Nope, I’ve plenty of good things to say about both phones and operating systems – but finally, after […]

iOS & iPhone 15 Pro Max – the almost perfect platform

I’m not saying it’s without its flaws, but now I know why iOS is right for me iOS makes the headlines every fall when we get that year’s major update but for many months of the year it kinda just sits there in the background just doing its thing. I’m as guilty as the next […]

iPhone 15 Pro Max – I REALLY tried to leave you…

Earlier this year I fancied a change and tried to leave the iPhone behind – I failed! The iPhone 15 Pro Max is probably – no strike that – the iPhone 15 Pro Max IS the best iPhone I’ve owned – and it won me over just in time! In the summer – for the […]