iPhone 15 Pro Max – an amazing future classic that makes sense

Android had me tempted this year…then Apple drop the iPhone 15! iPhone 15 Pro Max is a serious bit of kit and I am loving it! That single, simple line reverberates for me as leading up to Apple’s event a few weeks back I was overcome with apathy. But having now been using the phone […]

My first 48 hours with the gorgeous iPhone 15 Pro Max

Nothing can beat spending some time with your new iPhone iPhone 15 has surprised me – it’s as simple as that! I’d been all over the build-up to the release of this year’s new iPhone and thought I pretty much knew what to expect. If you read any of my stories about the iPhone 15 […]

iPhone 15 – stunning first impressions

Almost 24 hours into using the new flagship phone from Apple and I could not be more impressed I was always going to buy the iPhone 15 – there was no secret there, but I didn’t expect to be this impressed. This year I have used an awful lot of phones – the iPhone 14 […]

iPhone 15 vs. Pixel 8 Pro

What does Google need to do next to keep up? The dust is now starting to settle on last week’s iPhone 15 event. After the event, people like myself start to pull back the layers and take a deep dive into what went on. Although Apple also released a new Apple Watch Series 9 and […]

iPhone 15 Pro Max – Pre-Order day is here

The day has arrived – what am I looking forward to the most? iPhone pre-order day is always a little special. I have written this week about the Wonderlust event and how in my mind it was anything but wonderful. At best it was slower than we may have expected, at worst it was ponderous […]

All eyes on Apple – 1 BIG lesson learned!

Apple’s Wonderlust has been and gone – let’s take a little look back at it shall we? This week all the eyes around the world have been on Apple. We have been looking at Apple waiting to see what they were going to deliver with iPhone 15 and the Wonderlust event in general. The build-up […]

iPhone 15 latest – and the latest Wonderlust scoops

The wait is over – it’s Apple event day! It’s iPhone 15 day! As I write this story we are only around 6 hours away from the event, so today I am going to run through all the very latest details of what we expect to be hearing about later today at Apple’s Wonderlust event. […]

iPhone 15 – has HUGE changes coming

T minus 5! We are just a few days away from the Apple Wonderlust event and here’s what we know about the latest iPhone iPhone 15 is finally landing with us in just a couple of days. As I write, we know that at some secure units somewhere in the world, the physical items will […]

Apple – after lightning comes the thunder – is it 1 lie too many?

When you don’t even know you want it, Apple can make you believe you need it! Apple is great at many things – and at the top of that list must be marketing. As the summer of 2023 has its last hurrah us tech lovers are bracing ourselves for the onslaught that is Tech-tember & […]

iPhone – still the master of the camera?

I put it to the test – let’s look at the results iPhone 15 is nearly here and everyone will be talking about it. And I’d wager good money on the fact that although the new USB-C port, thinner bezels and action button will get spoken about, the star of the show will be the […]