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iPhone 14 for content creators

Less than one week old, but my iPhone 14 is already hard at work Getting to grips iPhone 14 was sort of a last moment purchase on my part – sort of… As you know, I’d be umm’ing and ahh’ing over should I, or shouldn’t I for a while. The phone itself, I couldn’t give […]

The wait was worth it – iPhone 14

I’d waited two years to trade-up…has iPhone 14 delivered? It’s going to be a busy one iPhone 14 has been everywhere over this last week. September has been iPhone month for as long as I can recall, and for the first time, I have been a part of the hype. Since I started to write, […]

iPhone 14 Pro – the real deal?

A camera perfect for content creators? Who was I kidding!! So, it’s been a few days since I was last with you. I try to take the weekends off, just to let the creative juices refill a little. After the Far Out event, I had written here on a few occasions, telling you that the […]

Will iPhone 14 tempt you?

With another year of incremental changes, will Apple struggle with the latest iPhone? The wait is almost over The rumours are done and dusted – it’s almost time for us to find out exactly what iPhone 14 holds in store for us. It has that ‘week before Christmas’ feel here – with that exciting hush […]

New trademarks ahead of Apple’s AR Headset launch

Appleviews – 2nd September 2022 This week…. I hope you’ve managed to have yourselves a great week. Ahead of next week’s Far Out event, this time I have the latest news on Apple’s AR/VR headset, more news about Apple Retail & unions, the latest on Apple Podcasts subscriptions…and a word or two about iPhone 14. […]

iPhone 14 has a BIG problem!

With rumours of a massive camera improvement on its way for iPhone 14, there seems to be one problem being overlooked… Far Out As I sit writing this today, much later than I had anticipated, it is only one week until Apple’s iPhone 14 event. Well, I call it the iPhone 14 event because, let’s […]

Is Apple’s range out of control?

Is it time that Apple took control of their range of products, and just simplified it a little? More coming soon Far Out, the next Apple event is just over a week away, and anyone in this Apple and tech space is juiced! There are a couple of reasons for that – firstly, at heart, […]

Far Out – the 7th September Apple Event is go!

But what can we expect? The Invite Yesterday, Apple confirmed what we had all suspected – their first autumn event, Far Out – was confirmed for 7th September, and will stream from the Steve Jobs Theatre, at 10am PST. Although the main part of the event is pre-recorded, as has become the norm during COVID […]

iPhone 14 release date – coming earlier than normal?

Appleviews – 19th August 2022 This week News on iPhone 14 release date, the latest from Apple TV, and a security update you must install. What is Appleviews then? Way, way back, before I was writing here, on Medium, I used to blog weekly with a newsletter which I called Appleviews. I even uploaded some […]

The 6th is coming…the next Apple Event is nearly here!

The summer has been long, hot – and also dry of any new Apple gear. But that is all about to change… A drought in many ways Apple Event season is nearly back…and it can’t come soon enough! Within this past week in the UK, it has officially been declared a period of drought. Of […]