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M2 MacBooks – will they have STRONG sales?

Is it a case of too much of a good thing? As good as it gets? M2 MacBooks coming this year, all the smart money told us. Suddenly, though, last week, that plan seemed to change. It was a busy week for Apple, one way and another. Not only was there a slew of OS […]

M1 Max MacBook Pro – welcome back

I nearly forgot about it over the past 2 or 3 weeks, but the MacBook Pro is back! This reviewing lark is odd Back in March, I took the decision to sell my firstborn and the odd organ, and buy the all new, MacBook Pro. Trust me, it was not a snap decision. I had […]

Time to put my M1 Max MacBook Pro where my mouth is – a 1st!

The M1 Max MacBook Pro is reported to have a legendary battery life. Today, I will attempt to edit an entire video for my channel without a power brick in sight! I have written, recently, about how my new M1 MacBook Pro has amazed me day-to-day with its power and productivity. So today, I thought […]

3 reasons Apple’s supply chain is broken 

Apple’s broken supply chain system – the closed loop system As you’ll know if you read my blogs regularly, I have been ordering some new Apple gear recently. Over past weeks, I have talked about the supply chain system issues and global chip shortages. As it turns out, these are not just words on a […]