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M1 Max Chip to the rescue! An IMPRESSIVE save from my MacBook Pro!

How one simple mistake, could so easily have ruined a perfect weekend….but was saved by the power of Apple Silicon & the M1 Max chip. I had it all planned If you have been following my recent blogs, you’ll know that about six weeks ago, I finally landed in the new age – Apple Silicon […]

M2 Apple Silicon – a GREAT chip, or 1 to miss?

It was troubling me – what is the M2 Apple Silicon chip all about? I’ve spent some time researching this week, and will try my best to explain. Back to WWDC we go This year, WWDC was one of the longest, and for good reason. There was a lot of new features & even products […]

WWDC 2022 – the 3 things I REALLY want

Earlier this week, I wrote about what I thought we might see at WWDC 2022. Here I tell you about the 3 things I’d love to see next week. Not long now We are now just a few days away from this year’s spring WWDC 2022 conference from Apple Park. Rumours have been lean this […]

Time to put my M1 Max MacBook Pro where my mouth is – a 1st!

The M1 Max MacBook Pro is reported to have a legendary battery life. Today, I will attempt to edit an entire video for my channel without a power brick in sight! I have written, recently, about how my new M1 MacBook Pro has amazed me day-to-day with its power and productivity. So today, I thought […]

Studio Display & MacBook Pro – a match made in heaven

the MacBook Pro and Studio display are perfect partners You can have fish without chips, but who would? You could have gin without tonic, but it’s unthinkable. You could have jam on a scone without cream. You get my point, just because you can opt to have one of them without the other, does not […]

3 reasons Apple’s supply chain is broken 

Apple’s broken supply chain system – the closed loop system As you’ll know if you read my blogs regularly, I have been ordering some new Apple gear recently. Over past weeks, I have talked about the supply chain system issues and global chip shortages. As it turns out, these are not just words on a […]

Apple Silicon & the M1 Chip – the best chip ever?

Apple Silicon chip changed everything. We were happy, for a time, but asked for more. But where does it stop? I am eagerly, and patiently waiting for my new 16-inch MacBook Pro M1 Max to arrive, so in some respect, I am guilty of what I am about to write. The M1 chip, showcased at […]