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A long day ahead…time to test battery life!

We keep being told about how awesome the battery life is on the latest Apple gear – today I’ll find out! I’m no early bird! At least some batteries are full…it’s 5.30am. It’s silly early, and I’m not happy. Not only am I up, but I’m already sitting here, at Heathrow, waiting for a flight […]

The M2 MacBook Air – still making me happy!

A month in, and the M2 MacBook Air is still bringing joy to my day I’m a lucky chap I get it…really I do. Sitting down to write these blogs during the week, I have choices. I can choose between three Macs to sit and work at. Each have their place in my working day. […]

M1 Max MacBook Pro – welcome back

I nearly forgot about it over the past 2 or 3 weeks, but the MacBook Pro is back! This reviewing lark is odd Back in March, I took the decision to sell my firstborn and the odd organ, and buy the all new, MacBook Pro. Trust me, it was not a snap decision. I had […]

M2 MacBook Air – 2 weeks on

After a fortnight of use…how is my midnight M2 MacBook Air bearing up? Does size matter? When I decided to buy the midnight M2 MacBook Air, I made a pledge with myself, to really use it. Day in and day out, carrying out as many tasks as possible on it. It was not just going […]

The M2 MacBook Air versus…

Since the release of the M2 MacBook Air, there have been countless comparisons, but are we barking up the wrong tree? Horses for courses It’s very nearly been a week now since my midnight M2 MacBook Air arrived. I have pretty much used it exclusively over that period, to get a good feel of what […]

M2 MacBook Air – the first 48 hours

Friday came and went in a late night blur…but how did the new M2 MacBook Air hold up? At least DHL did their bit This was the first Mac I had ordered on pre-order day. I really didn’t know what to expect. After nearly missing the boat, by trying to spec out my order, I […]

MacBook Air – how it all started with my very 1st Mac

It’s been a long journey, but as I wait for my latest Mac to arrive, I look back on my Mac journey… It was all so simple then Yesterday, you may have read my article on the newest of my Mac acquisitions – the M2 MacBook Air. It should be with me this Friday, and […]