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The MIGHTY Mac mini turns 18!

The entry-level Mac officially comes of age – let’s look back over its history, and to the M2 future A Mac for everyone The Mac mini – a Mac for the masses. Apple never likes the word cheap to be used about their products. Affordable, or economic, fits in far better with their marketing mantra. […]

What next for the mighty Mac mini?

Plenty planned for this stunning desktop Mac mini It seems like only yesterday that we were shown the first Apple Silicon chip, the M1 range, and yet here we are, just over a year later, and the M2 successor is suddenly the talk of the town. Of recent, there has been a real purge on […]

Be the 1st to know what may happen at WWDC. What would amaze you?

Let’s look in to June’s WWDC a little further The title to this blog, was a little tongue in cheek, but equally with a hint of truth to it as well. I woke up today, to catch up with my favourite creators on YouTube, only to find them playing catch up with stories I have […]

March of the Mac Mini

this marvellous Mac could be a dream With so much to look forward to this year, at least if the rumours and leakers are to be believed, then by the end of 2022, we should be awash in new Macs. Possibly more than we know what to do with. So, why does the advent of […]

Apple M2, Mad March, Macs & More

The Apple spring event is coming and there could be more than we bargained for….including Apple M2 chip may be? There are strong rumours that Apple will hold their first event (still virtual), on Tuesday, 8th March. If these rumours are correct, that will mean invites landing one week before on Tuesday 1st March. That […]