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Mac Pro – 1 Mac that crashed to a staggering standstill!

But that’s for another day they said – they sure as heck weren’t joking… The elephant in the room Mac Pro seems to be the forgotten genius! Despite it supposedly being their flagship Mac, the Mac Pro is the last model to be updated to Apple silicon. Where once it stood proud and mighty now […]

Mac Pro – will we EVER see an M2 version?

The Mac Pro represents the very best that Apple can make – but is its reason to exist now extinct? Now you see it The Mac Pro has always been enigmatic. The very point, that it’s not for everyone, was the reason it existed. The Mac Pro is a flex moment for Apple. Think of […]

Mac Pro and pro displays – BIG plans for 2023

Apple will finally get an Apple silicon Mac Pro to market in 2023 – but what can we expect? Out of time The Mac Pro, with Apple silicon inside, is, as we know, overdue. If we head back to June 2020, that is when Apple first announced that they were to transition away from Intel, […]

1 more Mac to go – it’s the turn of Mac Pro

Promised, but not yet delivered, what do we think we know about the enigmatic Mac Pro? But that’s for another day… Any time you write about the Mac Pro these days, it seems as if you are forced to preface it with the above quote from John Ternus. It was made at this spring’s Peek […]