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MacBook meets its match – 1 not to be missed

Apple silicon MacBooks come with pretty good I/O – but what if you EVEN want more? The days of MacBooks having next to no I/O and being anything but Pro are luckily behind us. But even with the great array of ports that our MacBook Pros come with there are always those times you want […]

15-inch MacBook Air making work fun

My new MacBook Air has given me a fresh lease of life! I bought this M3 15-inch MacBook Air much as I buy many of my other Macs. I knew I wanted to test out the M3 chip with 16 GB of memory, but outside of that, I wasn’t expecting too much from it. I […]

Mac – now there’s 1 for everyone

We need to take stock – this is a golden moment for Mac users The Mac is back! It never went anywhere I know, but for a time it floundered – let’s be honest. The butterfly keyboard was not exactly a shining moment for us Mac users to be proud of and the Jony Ive […]

15-inch M3 MacBook Air – first thoughts

A bit of late-night impulse cost me dearly… It’s all changed here for me this morning – I’m writing this on the new 15-inch M3 MacBook Air. Trust me that sentence is as much of a surprise for me to type it as it is for you to read! If you’ve hung out with me […]

Setting up a new Mac & my top 3 essentials…

Having just bought a new Mac it made me realise how simple it now is Buying a new Mac used to have mixed feelings for me – there was always that buzz from going to the Apple Store and carefully selecting and bringing home your machine – but then, for me at least, the fun […]

iMac and the 3 HUGE changes Apple silicon has made!

There is a Mac for everyone now – but how do you know which is the right one for you? Recently I added a new M3 iMac to my growing array of Macs. It’s been an amazing little machine – no, scratch that – it’s simply been an amazing machine, full stop. Apple silicon has […]

Mac and audio production – 2 perfect partners

Music is in Apple’s DNA – and their MacBooks prove it Macs and me go back a while – longer than I’d care to remember! When I first got into using a Mac as my daily machine there was never an idea that I would get into audio production – at that time it wasn’t […]

Safari – 1 more chance… it’s now or never?

We all use it daily – but I’ve been having problems Safari is one of those apps that I rarely pay any attention to. It’s just there – ever-present. Writing stories as I do most days about Macs or Apple gear, some things that seem to get other Apple users uptight, don’t bother me. Bezels […]

Mac & 5 great ways to arrange your day with it for FREE

Why buy anything when it’s all here for you… What if I told you there are 5 hidden gems on every Mac that will mean you’ll never miss anything ever again – and they are all free…has that got your interest? The Mac is at the centre of my day, every day and has been […]

Mac -my 1st love!

Following on from yesterday’s story of neglecting the obvious… Although technically the Mac wasn’t my first Apple device – that was an iPhone 4 – the Mac is the reason I am here today writing! If you’d told me back then that my affinity with Apple would have led me to spend my days writing […]