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Mac -my 1st love!

Following on from yesterday’s story of neglecting the obvious… Although technically the Mac wasn’t my first Apple device – that was an iPhone 4 – the Mac is the reason I am here today writing! If you’d told me back then that my affinity with Apple would have led me to spend my days writing […]

MacBook Air 15-inch – save your money – bigger is not always better!

Apple’s latest MacBook Air will sell by the truckload, but there is a story worth telling here Latest & greatest Apple’s 15-inch MacBook Air was released at WWDC two weeks ago and was available immediately to buy. I’m sure you can understand that when new Apple gear is released it piques my interest and I […]

Apple’s Mac super cycle and the spring event

Will they…won’t they? Is there going to be an Apple spring event this year? Mellow yellow Apple, as you will probably know, released the mid-cycle, iPhone colour upgrade to the phone this week. OK, so by all accounts, it’s horrid, but, it may have more far-reaching implications than it first appears. Over the past few […]

Buy Steve Jobs Mac, macOS for iPad coming, & new MacBooks soon

Appleviews – 21st October 2022 It’s that time again… Apple & iPad have not had a great week, have they? Wow, I know I’m going to sound old, but that week sure passed quickly. I hope yours was good, and you have a few spare moments to kickback, and catch up on this week’s Appleviews. […]

1 more Mac to go – it’s the turn of Mac Pro

Promised, but not yet delivered, what do we think we know about the enigmatic Mac Pro? But that’s for another day… Any time you write about the Mac Pro these days, it seems as if you are forced to preface it with the above quote from John Ternus. It was made at this spring’s Peek […]