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Living with 15-inch M3 MacBook Air

Two weeks in and loving it & it turns out Final Cut Pro was a hidden gem too Now I’ve had some time to spend with my M3 15-inch MacBook Air I couldn’t be happier with it – and my choices. And by proving that I have just left home to come to my studio […]

What next for the outstanding MacBook Air – M3 possibly?

It sounds likely that we are about to get a 15-inch MacBook Air – what can we expect? What’ occurring? The M3 chip is coming in less than two months at WWDC in a 15-inch MacBook Air – fact. Well, according to some it is at least. But, with something soon looming, I thought I’d […]

Apple’s 1 size fits all – a harsh reality

Size matters we are told – so if Apple is making a bigger MacBook Air, why stop there? It’s in the air Apple’s MacBook Air, the M1 & M2 machines, are pretty much loved by anyone that uses them. Great machines – quiet, quick, comfortable, and reasonably priced too. What’s not to love – just […]

M2 MacBook Air – hit or miss, and what’s next?

It was introduced as the world’s thinnest notebook, so how is it standing up in 2023? An odd start to the year I under use my M2 MacBook Air – no question about it. And just when I was starting to think about using it more, Apple confused matters in January. They caught us all […]

MacBook Air – 15 years old, and possibly the BEST it’s ever been

Another week, another anniversary… Macworld has a lot to answer for MacBook Air – there’s a very good chance that at some point you have owned one…and probably loved it. MacBook Air was the first Mac I ever owned. It was a 2010 model, and was oddly, as it turns out, the reason that I […]

M2 MacBook Air – 6 months with the ULTRA notebook

I have been spoiled by the MacBook Pro, but how does the little brother hold up? First love My first-ever Mac, was a MacBook Air. I actually still have it, and it can often be seen lurking in the shadows in the background of my videos. I’d always wanted a Mac. At that time, there […]

M2 MacBook Air – the almost forgotten hero!

With all the releases this year, it’s easy to forget about this gem from only a few months back So much stuff Remember the M2 MacBook Air? It was pretty much the star of the show back in June, but now, you barely hear of it. Apple has certainly been on a roll this year […]

The M2 MacBook Air – still making me happy!

A month in, and the M2 MacBook Air is still bringing joy to my day I’m a lucky chap I get it…really I do. Sitting down to write these blogs during the week, I have choices. I can choose between three Macs to sit and work at. Each have their place in my working day. […]

Apple’s ecosystem has a hold on me!

It finally dawned on me this morning, just how much Apple is with me morning to night…and it will only get worse… And the day starts I am going to get two phrases, or words out of the way now, that I hate, but are hard to avoid when writing about Apple. Ecosystem. Daily driver. […]

M2 MacBook Air – 2 weeks on

After a fortnight of use…how is my midnight M2 MacBook Air bearing up? Does size matter? When I decided to buy the midnight M2 MacBook Air, I made a pledge with myself, to really use it. Day in and day out, carrying out as many tasks as possible on it. It was not just going […]