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M2 Apple Silicon Benchmarks – do they matter?

I’ve watched the videos and I have read on Twitter all about the supposed issues with the M2 range of Macs…but does it matter? A storm in a teacup I had already intended to write this blog about the speed of the M2 chip, and then yesterday, I watched a video from Rene Ritchie. Rene, […]

18 hours and counting – it’s nearly here – M2 MacBook Air

Hopefully tomorrow, my M2 MacBook Air should arrive. Time to evaluate where it will fit in to my workflow Like a kid on Christmas Eve I haven’t felt like this in a long, long while. Honestly, even though it is still a good few hours before I get the all new, M2 MacBook Air, I […]

MacBook Air – how it all started with my very 1st Mac

It’s been a long journey, but as I wait for my latest Mac to arrive, I look back on my Mac journey… It was all so simple then Yesterday, you may have read my article on the newest of my Mac acquisitions – the M2 MacBook Air. It should be with me this Friday, and […]

M2 MacBook Air – nearly here! Exciting times ahead!

What do we know and what do you want? Get ready! The wait is nearly over, well, so we are led to believe. This coming Friday, at the time of writing, the long-awaited M2 MacBook Air will finally be released on pre-order. First shown off at WWDC, it is about to be released in to […]