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Apple & MacBook Pro saved me – 1st rule be VERY careful

Keep your guard up at ALL times – the baddies are out there… As you know, I am a died-in-the-wool MacBook user and Apple lover – this weekend I think that love affair saved me from a very, very nasty and possibly crippling experience. To tell the story properly and in full it’s probably best […]

Apple in 2022 – the AMAZING tech I bought

As we close in on rounding out the year, time to look back at the Apple bits that arrived at my doorstep in 2022 Merry Christmas with a HomePod mini My year of Apple tech started on Christmas Day last year. Little did I know what the year was going to hold in store for […]

The 16-inch MacBook Pro – is it the right one for you?

Being creative on the fly is so easy now, with the power of Apple silicon…but, it comes at a price… A Mac for all The current MacBook Pros are some of the best Macs ever produced. It’s been widely accepted that the moment Apple silicon was popped in a Mac, it was a perfect marriage. […]

Never Too Much – does Apple face a dilemma?

We are now used to crazy good Apple gear, but what next? Patience is a virtue Apple had us waiting like kids on Christmas morning just a few weeks back. The long wait after WWDC was over, as we anticipated the September Far Out event. I think, we can all agree, that they didn’t disappoint […]

M2 MacBook Air – 2 weeks on

After a fortnight of use…how is my midnight M2 MacBook Air bearing up? Does size matter? When I decided to buy the midnight M2 MacBook Air, I made a pledge with myself, to really use it. Day in and day out, carrying out as many tasks as possible on it. It was not just going […]

The M2 MacBook Air versus…

Since the release of the M2 MacBook Air, there have been countless comparisons, but are we barking up the wrong tree? Horses for courses It’s very nearly been a week now since my midnight M2 MacBook Air arrived. I have pretty much used it exclusively over that period, to get a good feel of what […]

M2 MacBook Air – nearly here! Exciting times ahead!

What do we know and what do you want? Get ready! The wait is nearly over, well, so we are led to believe. This coming Friday, at the time of writing, the long-awaited M2 MacBook Air will finally be released on pre-order. First shown off at WWDC, it is about to be released in to […]

M1 Max Chip to the rescue! An IMPRESSIVE save from my MacBook Pro!

How one simple mistake, could so easily have ruined a perfect weekend….but was saved by the power of Apple Silicon & the M1 Max chip. I had it all planned If you have been following my recent blogs, you’ll know that about six weeks ago, I finally landed in the new age – Apple Silicon […]